For Complete Body Healing

by Thandiwe Ria ()

My dearest Brethren in Christ Jesus…!

May Father God Bless You With Health…Strength…Protection…And Joy ! As you are also willing to pray for me. I had a dream at one night, at about 3 AM in the night, that a greenish coloured Monster came running in top speed into my bedroom bed and entered my Body. There after my body started expanding by hours, and now I am overweight ! I can’t move or work so easy as I use to before ! But I think the Lord has started working on it. And I know that there is nothing too difficult for the Lord…Jesus Christ ! Is my first in life, to have had such a dream ! May God Heal My Neibours From Demonic Influence. They hate the Joy of the Lord Jesus in me ! But at the same time they stop me from telling them about Jesus Christ, Joy giver and the giver of everything else nieder to make Our Lives Balanced & Happy. My Daughter Melanie & Her Husband are 40 years old but still not Born again. I am praying for years & years but it has become worse. We are now separaten. She wanted from me her Inherintance, now while I am still alive ! And she said I won’t overlive her. Since Father God is still working on me. He separaten us, for the time being…! For one I have’nt seen my 3 year Grand-daughter, is very painfull for me. Also wirh my whole family, I am separaten. Since they don’t want to have anything to do with Our King Jesus Christ. But to use me as their slave, as they used to always. King Jesus said enough is enough ! So now I all by myself at Home…! I am 64 years old now and I am still believing Father God for a Christian…Husband ! I am 27 years Born Again. Is not easy to be completely Alone as a Christian. Even on my Birthdays I am alone at home. Ofcause I am with the Holy Spirit and My Saviour Jesus Christ. But I sometimes need Somebody to encourage me. The Church I Was before they were rating women secretely ! So I stoped going there. I can consentrate better, alone at home to Jesus Christ. Shalom to everyone ! With Love from Sister Thandiwe or Ria : – ) Dhlamini.

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