Fix my Marriage and Love life

by Gerard ()

I recently told a lie to my wife saying I was going to get some fresh air . Instead, I went to my cousin’s house( a female) to discuss some things in regards to my current situation. My wife thinks I had sex with her. She no longer trusts me. Found some text messages on my phone. I as God is my witness did not have sex with any other woman but my wife. We no longer have sex because I suffer from erectile dysfunction and her vagina has low estrogen. For years, I was in depression. My wife I feel does not understand me. When I try to explain something to her, she does not allow me to get a word in edge-wise. I can answer her questions. However, she evades mine. Plus, her children are grown. I feel that she makes them a priority before me. The word says the head of the husband is Christ, the head of the wife is her husband and the head of Christ is God. There has been disorder and disarray in our marriage. I believe these areas are fixable. Please pray for rebuilding my wife’ s trust, revive our sex life by healing our organs and make that quality time we once had. I believe the enemy has a ploy in our marriage.

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