Sex Hurt

This is what hurts me. A man chooses to be with me with the action they are taking in having sex or oral copulation ot kissing or whatever and what they are doing with their mind is giving themself to another women or woman and usually the same women and I am tired. I am … Continue reading “Sex Hurt”

Extended miracles

To be healed need miracles in my life healed of brain tumor, early menopause, cycle delays womanhood delays,envy,jealousy go n pcos,brain confusion,Ovarian cancer,endomerial and brain cancer must die, diabetes high bp and no jail or prison free keep me legal, financially able to support myself and husband. Delays in my puberty and menstrual cycles must … Continue reading “Extended miracles”

A Wife’s prayer

Father God I thank you for who you are and all that you have done. I thank you for the union of marriage and allowing us to see 15 years. I ask that you work in my husband’s body and allow everything to function properly.God I ask that you perform a wonderful miracle like you’ve … Continue reading “A Wife’s prayer”


Oh Lord my heart hurts Lord I pray for conception to take place in the next couple of days Lord please take this barrenness away from me and change me to unbarren Lord I pray for many children but I’ll take one I will make that my testimony in my life along with being clean … Continue reading “Conception”


I discovered I was infertile 10 years ago and did not know why but it broke my heart and God showed me He knew and loved me and I became a Christian and did my best to follow Him. I tried to repent of everything and serve the Lord as much as I could, and … Continue reading “Healing”

Prayers for new birth

Please kindly pray for my daughter and her husband on having a baby, sooner than later. They want to start a family and my husband will be 70 years old soon. Please pray for this new life to come into our family. God is wonderful and I have so much hope and faith in prayers … Continue reading “Prayers for new birth”

Miracle baby

Dear God I’m here asking for a miracle to become pregnant again and to deliver a healthy baby 12 years ago I got my tube time to please my ex mother in law now today all my kids are growing up and im happily married and me and my husband are praying for a miracle … Continue reading “Miracle baby”

Health and Fertility

Hello! I would like prayer for fertility issues. I’m 44 almost going to turn 45 with the grace of God. I have been trying to conceive with my doctor for 4-5 years now with no success. I’ve been having ovarian cysts, endometriosis, myomas,… some hydrsalpingo something. So my hormones are almost non-existent and based on … Continue reading “Health and Fertility”

Healing .

So, once again, were having a chemical pregnancy. 10 years trying and this will be the 8th loss! We travelled across the country to do fertility treatments. Had to use all of my vacation time. And just found out that my numbers are decreasing and we will lose this pregnancy as well… it just seems … Continue reading “Healing .”

Waiting watching

Lord you are amazing and have blessed our lives fully. We thank you for the joy of life. We pray for Courtney and her husband/ that if it is your will they may have a child. Three miscarriages- unexplained, no reasons found. Your will , your timing. Help us to trust your timing . I … Continue reading “Waiting watching”


I pray that I may be blessed with a child. I pray that my mom (Denise singh) will be covered with the blood of Jesus may all her worries and sufferings come to an end, may she accept Christ. May my brothers (Avinash, Andrew, Anthony, Adam,Aaron) change their ways and accept Christ also. May Troy … Continue reading “Miracles”

Egg Retrieval at 40

Hi GOD, First of all please forgive me for anything ive done in the past that is consisdered a sin. Please forgive me for having two abortions in the past: i was young, stupid and naive at that time. But at least i didnt a bring child into this world wen i myself was never … Continue reading “Egg Retrieval at 40”

Pray for a Baby

Father god I come to you this morning with my whole heart , father god i pray that you bless me with a baby in my stomach! i really been hoping because my boyfriend told me he had stuff for us and the baby and it’s already planned and if i tell him i’m not … Continue reading “Pray for a Baby”

Prayer to get a child

Dear Jesus may you bless my womb so that I can conceive and bear a child. Please hear my prayer so that I can conceive next year and bring fruit to my life and let my husband and I create a child heal my womb in the lady of Guadalupe’s name and Jesus I pray … Continue reading “Prayer to get a child”

healing pregnancy marriage

bola & oghenekaro bond in marriage parentship friendship becomes as the lord intended. our pregnancy of twins remains healthy uncomplicated delivery & speedy recovery. we continue to appreciate respect cherish & have faith in each otha at all times. remain loyal faithful to my husband. allow my husband to continuously show me his respect, loyalty … Continue reading “healing pregnancy marriage”


Jesus I come to you with a heavy heart I ask for forgiveness for my sins lord I come knocking baring my soul to ask for full fertility tonight to conceive a little life to grow in my womb a healthy pregnancy and baby lord I ask for a positive pregnancy tests this month a … Continue reading “Fertility”

Hope in time of despair

I am asking for prayers for my daughter who is pregnant right now. This is her 1st pregnancy and loves children with all of her heart and has always wanted children. She is early in her pregnancy and when she first went to the doctor everything seemed fine but now the doctor can’t seem to … Continue reading “Hope in time of despair”

Childness problem

Praise the lord, i m 39years old,after nine years marrige life i hav no conceive till now, i suffered pcos, thriod, uterus fiboriod, breast cyst pain, vaginal problem n my husband suffered low sperm count n low motality problem,more treatment taken but no result ,i m so tired n so hopeless, plz pray for me … Continue reading “Childness problem”

Open ways



Trying for a baby please pray that I can get pregnant, and baby is healthy thank you all in advance God bless

Blessing of a healthy child

I sincerely and humbly pray for a healthy child; that my fertility is fruitful and my spouse and I will conceive naturally a healthy child who will follow God in his life.

Fruits of the womb

I want God to bless me with the fruits of the womb, from now till February ending

Unborn Baby no heart beat

My wife is pregnant, doctor said baby has no heat beat. Doctor was about conducting D&C with my wife. I begged the doctor to give my wife one more week, before they get rid of the baby. I begged for the one week, so I can beg God to give my unborn baby life

My daughter’s pregnancy to go well.

That God grants a healthy pregnancy for my daughter and a healthy baby when she delivers is my prayer request. That He gives us a great home to buy soon. In Jesus name amen.

Husband Salvation and Fertility

Dear Lord , I know your love forgave my sins and you save me. I beg you to heal my husband’s and mine reproductive system and bless us with children. Please change my husband’s sto e heart and give him one of flesh.In the most highest name of all Jesus, Amen.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

My Fallopian tubes are blocked making me barren. I’ve been trying to conceive then the doctor told me my tubes were blocked I don’t have the money to get them unblocked so I’m praying for a super natural healing that would lead to a positive pregnancy test. In Jesus name Amen ! Can you guys … Continue reading “Blocked Fallopian Tubes”