Fear of my future

by Angela ()

hi i’m really writting not for myself but for my 5 year old son who was recently dignosed with a mood disorder ( he punches kicks hits slaps throws things at me) he also is suffering from ptsd and impulse conduct disorder and as you should know i have no support from my family nor my son’s father. My son has grown up around toxic relationships and domestic violence abuse ( he has witnessed his dad and girlfriend fighting physically )and has a really great theraipst that we have been working with but then my son needs futher treatment and im just feeling overwhelmed because i am in therapy for being a domestic violence survivor to my other child who is now a adult and basically has shut me out of her life. I just dont know how to help my son and be able to provide for him as well ( he gets upset a lot and i would normally go door dash that’s what i do when i need money and i cant now and im praying god has a plan . I cant work cause im on disabilty just a certain amt of hrs a month , but i know my son won’t let me leave me nor do i want to but i pray God will give me the direction our future is headed cause at this point all i have is hope that one day my children and myself will heal from this trauma . At this point i just need support and guidance. I’m a single mom struggling to pay bills and wondering where will i get the money to provide for my son and myself. I trust God will provide for us please i need strenthght as well there is something physically wrong with my body and i will have a test done soon that i pray will hold the answers. Till then i just need to get up and put one foot in front of the other. Proverbs 3:5,6

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