Family (Ohana)

by Earl and Harrie-lynn ()

My husband Earl myself Hari-Lynn and our 11 grown children our baby Elijah graduates May 27 from Hawaiian Charter high school, our 30 grandchildren to be all used for the Glory of the Lord That we will go out into the World as family or individually and share the gospel daily. Give us the boldness and wisdom and the knowledge to say what God wants us to say daily at the right place at the right time. Put people in our paths daily so we can share a meal, praise and worship, to pray for someone or share the good news daily. Thank You Lord for my daughter Jazzmine also graduates today from early child learning getting her bachelors. My daughter Nina, fiance Kawai and their 8 children also in need of a home. They had to move out bc landlord selling her house bc cesspole caved in. They have a month to live with me because I also rent and my landlord okay it to end of month. My other daughter Tiffany and her husband Chico and baby Anaiah also looking for a 2 bedroom home that accepts hud assistance. My husband Earl and I Hari-Lynn are looking to buy big land our own first time owner home that can fit homes so all our family can build their own home so we no need move anymore. My daughter Jennie-Lynn her baby daddy and their 5 children all reunited back together form their struggles from drugs they been clean and sober and now working very hard to get their children back soon they also been serving the Lord. My son Chantz his girl friend Ashley their baby Vincent and my sons other 2 babies Duke and Leia God will remove everything that is not good for them and draw them closer to You Lord. My Daughter Kandis and her husband also to come to know the Lord as their Savior. My daughter was adopted by my Sister Bernie and her husband Donald who is a Jehovah witness. praying for Salvation for her whole family. My son Elijah the baby of the family that God guide him and leads him as he starts his Journey. My step children Earlyn, Frankie, and Thomas that God continue to bless their relationship with Him I know that God has a plan for all of them and all my step grandchildren. My husband also Lost our step son Naumu Boy who was 23 if was alive today he would be 31. He left a son Titus who is 9 today. Last but least I wanna lift my Brother Harry Jr form drugs and his 3 children and grand son in Jesus name My Dad Harry Sr and his wife Barbara I led my Dad to the lord but his wife didn’t want to except Jesus in her heart she said she has her own religion. My Mom Jennie died when she was 53 today she would be 80. My dad Harry Sr and brother Harry Jr relationship restored My Dad sold his House and my brothers name was on the deed and his wife took his name off and promised him his house back. They have his money but they don’t want to give it to him. Because of drugs. I’m Believing for God to intervene for my brother Harry that knows the Lord to do a miracle in his life. I had my money that the wife didn’t want to give to me either I prayed and God touch my dad and a week later I got it. It cant even by a house but I’m Believing in my heavenly Father that owns EVERYTHING for homes for all my family I’ve been homeless houseless for years and I’m tired and can’t wait to see what My God All MIGHTY GOING TO DO. Thank you for praying for my family in Jesus name Ps. can’t forget my siblings Bernadine, George, Darlene, Harry, My Brother Kurt passed, all their spouses and children and grandchildren my brother in law Lanakila and sister in law Sarahlene and all their children and grandchildren for Salvation in Jesus name Amen Earl and Hari-Lynn Spencer

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