Family help

by Neisha ()

I am praying that God help my family to leave in peace and that he remove the neighbors inside my apartment building from our apartment building and from our family home and that we don’t get evicted that God wipe all my debt clean that we keep our current apartment without any problems or hesitation that all our bills be paid in full that we live in peace favor and happiness and that peoples show me and my family kindness and favor everywhere we are at that God shut the lions mouths inside my apartment building and inside the neighborhood and everywhere we sole our feets at that God removed the troublemaker the negative people and the fake people away from me and my family lives and dwelling that God place a hedge of protection around me and my family lives and our apartment that God rain that unlimited favor and blessing that God removed all the police records from our lives and that he protection our from the lying lips and that God soften the landlord the property manager and building owner hearts that they show my family favor and kindness from this day forth and that God soften the judge heart and anyone who has anything to do with my court case that God stop the upstairs neighbors and the other neighbors inside this apartment building and neighborhood from lying on us and treating my family wrong and that God show me and my family mercy grace favor and peace from this day forth in Jesus mighty name I pray amen

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