Faith and Wisdom

by Beverly Wheat ()

Pray for me as i continue to ask God for strength prosperity healing faith and wisdom. Im a 59 year ild female with 3 sons my oldest is 43 years old in prison my second son was murder 7-6-18 my thrid son is in prison also ive been going back and forth with serious pains with all three of them i have a illness thats in the family of Lupus God has Bless me all these years on earth and im so graceful i know God has a amazing plan for me im currently living in Houston Texas i moved from St. Louis cause my spirit told me to move i have very very little money leaning and depending on the Lord to come and help me out of debt sending me the right husband and to forgive me on my divorce im walking every where i go with pain r without pain sometimes i b in so much pain i cant do much i dont have no one here to make errands for me my car is broken down in need of a transmission dont have money to get it fix i Pray to God to come and help me out these situations i need Prayer to weight out all jealous evil people that dont mean no good to me i want my own business restaurant r catering if this is what God wants for me Father i really need your help i need Prayer on getting a loan approve so i can start paying on my debts my life is so full right now sometimes i dont know which way to turn im in love with a man name Adam Thomas and another man name Bryon Okawa they both lives in a totally different country and state is it possible to b in love with two mens i do love one more than the other its a different kind of love but my heart goes out for the both of them i need for God to send the right one to me and send the other the woman they deserve i have not been with no man for eight years i ask God to continue my healing in all ways i ask God to continue to give me the right path to walk i ask God to continue letting me here his voice in every shape and form God knows my heart this loneliness of a human being ( man) sometimes overwhelmes me i know God is always with me its the human being in me that desires a righteous husband and wonderful life God said he will do all things in his perfect timing i know this it just seems like my timing is a long wait i am a child of God i do believe in him im just asking GOD to Please open up the windows of Heaven and pour out my abundance of Blessing im ready i believe i want to thank him for comfort and wiping my tears when im sad and fulfilling me with his presence i need GOD right now right now i want to thank him for protecting me from evil making my enemies my foot stool thanking GOD for protecting his children LORD LORD LORD i need you

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