Estrangement and unhealthy environment

by Kimberly ()

I haven’t been allowed to see my son, my only child, and my grandchildren for 6 years. It is increasingly unbearable especially since learning they moved over 2 years ago just 10 miles from my home 🙁 my home which is already an increasingly unhealthy environment literally making me medically ill. I’m low income disabled and due to the current housing market have been unable to relocate. I am sick at home or driving away to get clean air to breathe and less noise. These two circumstances together are overwhelmingly depressing. I’m lost. I do know God’s goodness and grace. Apart from Him I have no one, not even boxer dogs I typically adopt and I’m one who needs an emotional support dog due to PTSD from military sexual trauma and PTSD from family trauma. I’m a mess. I need my family before I die and dogs, both of which cannot be a part of my life currently and for some time now. Asking for prayers please, for my family to forgive me, for healing of our family and my poor health, I have Systemic Lupus, cannot be in the sun/heat/humidity. I feel trapped like a POW in my own home (I know there are millions of others around the world feeling that as well for many reasons who also need prayers for safety and healing. In my own way I can relate and sympathize). I know we are to stay focused on Jesus, not this world. I try, however I am also in this world for now, patiently, painfully praying I can see my beloved son Dakota before it’s too late, seeing my grandchildren would be a blessing as well. I love my family 🙁
Thank you.

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