In need of employment

Good morning, I’m asking for prayer for my daughter, Kirsten. She quit her job thinking she was being hired at a new company to begin working in her field, however the company lied to her and now she is not working. She gets nervous during interviews and failed an assessment test for a job via … Continue reading “In need of employment”

Prayer for employment

Dear God You know my weaknesses and strengths, my needs and wants and my desire for a job. I pray that you lead me in the next step of my career for me to practice my potentials to the fullest. I pray that you open doors to new opportunities that you desire for me and … Continue reading “Prayer for employment”


Hi, This week has been challenging, I am being forced out of my job without legitimate cause, and it is very hurtful. Please pray for me and my children, I need my job to ensure we are living above the poverty line so that I can qualify for a home loan. I don’t know what … Continue reading “Attacks-Workplace”

lord our new home

lord Light in the Darkness, I ask that You shine Your light on these false accusations and may the truth be evident to all. I call out to You in my distress; rescue me, my Lord. Preside over my case, Lord, and render Your righteous judgment. You know I’ve been judged unjustly, please uphold my … Continue reading “lord our new home”

In God I Trust

Please pray for me. Pray for me for strength and courage. Pray for me that I remained employed despite my thinking otherwise. Pray for me and my finances. That by God’s will I will resolve my debt and live a better life. Pray for my health, that I continue to be healthy and lose some … Continue reading “In God I Trust”

New Job for my husband

I am asking for help to pray for my husband Rowen to get a new job before his employment and project ends on June 31, 2022. That all of the companies or employers that has his curriculum vitae/resume and where we send his application for vacancy or pooling will believe in him, will call him … Continue reading “New Job for my husband”


O most holy apostle, Saint Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honoureth and invoketh thee universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, and of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, who am so miserable. Make use, I implore thee, of that particular privilege accorded to thee, to bring visible and speedy … Continue reading “Miracles”


Dear God, Mother Mary keeper of secrets and our Godly and saintly helpWe thank You oh God for your generosity and kindness, and ask that You hear us in this hour of financial need. Make us worthy of Your blessing and keep us from further want. PLease help all my children through their trials and … Continue reading “Miracles”

Need Work

I live in an area experiencing major drought. My main job has me inspecting homes after thunder storms, unfortunately my area has received none this year. Me and my Fiancée are to be married in a few months, but without storms soon our money may be gone. On top of all that, crops in the … Continue reading “Need Work”


Dear prayer team I need prayer god needs to help me I need to keep my job and the enemy is using all his tactics through my colleagues to get me out. Including placing me under investigation just for complaining bout the way I have been treated by staff and management. I’m constantly worrying fearing … Continue reading “Help”


Dear brothers and sisters, I kindly ask for you to please pray for me to get employed soon because thought of financial constraints are constantly playing on my mind …I am a single mother struggling to take care of my son and I am tired of the struggle because I am also highly educated and … Continue reading “Help”

Life issues and a house

Please pray for my son behavior that he stay out of trouble an his ADHD settles down an he become less hyper. Please pray I receive money to buy a house for my family ASAP. Please pray for my brother that he leaves San antonio an lay low so my mom could stop stressing please … Continue reading “Life issues and a house”

Finances and Employment

I had to leave my job of 18 years because I would not take the jab and I did not take the jab because God had told me months before that it was poison to the body and that he had me covered by His blood. God also has provided financial blessings from various resources … Continue reading “Finances and Employment”

Guidance and opportunities

Please God, guide me and my children when we feel weary pls oh lord. Give my children the sight to know what’s good for them and walk away from what’s not with no questions. Let them be happy and successful. Let my daughters know their worth and lead them to greatness pls. Protect my precious … Continue reading “Guidance and opportunities”

Bullies at work

Please pray that the women who bully me and harass me it’ll finally come to an end. These women treat me horrible because I’m younger and not as fat as they are. They are miserable and take it out on me and this has been going on for almost 10 years. Most of the women … Continue reading “Bullies at work”


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that Rachel finds her faith, her zeal, her love, APJ, FTV, her E, her joy, QPSRFER, QSBDSE, SRDQP, to be drawn, to receive, may the Lord UMEEFEH, QMA!! DNUBCEDLAUJPTLALCDGMBC, I pray QRALEES, TLSD, SSESC, NDN, be baptized SE, pray in tongues and all our loved ones!! May … Continue reading “marriage”

Pray for my so

Our son was in the past a very arrogant and full of pride until his life took a turn.He is trying his best to change but after going through a breakup he quickly plunge into a new relationship which we felt he was not ready.He was so confident of getting a job with a bank … Continue reading “Pray for my so”

Prayer for Dream Job.

Dear Lord, Please pick me up and place me in my dream job, the organization that ive always wished to work for. I humble myself before you father and ask that you relieve me from the stress of my current job and give me peace. The bible says that man must work in order to … Continue reading “Prayer for Dream Job.”

Unemployment Insurance

I haven’t received anything from Unemployment Insurance since AUGUST 24,2021.I Been fighting them for over 8 or 9 years now for OVER PAYMENT that they said I owed.They never made arrangements with me to pay anything on the OVER PAYMENT to them.So every year I filed my STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME TAXES AND BOTH WERE … Continue reading “Unemployment Insurance”

Seeking prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for tranquility and abadunt blessings that you keep alive ,Load ,you know how much i need for my life ,give me an opportunity to have job so that I can reach my success but not only financial services. I trust in you God withowithout you I cannot do anything! Furthermore, put … Continue reading “Seeking prayer”

Accepted into MUSC

Lord I was put on the waitlist for my top school MUSC and you knwo I’ve been planning and hoping for this school and this move for over a year now and I’ve been praying by wishing and dreaming about getting into this school for months now and then this weekend I got notified I’m … Continue reading “Accepted into MUSC”

work issue

Dear Prayer team I would like you to pray for me regarding my work issue. I have been placed under investigation because I snatched a letter out of my senior managers hand after receiving a notice of improvement letter from her. the reasons why this happened was because i was previously bullied by a member … Continue reading “work issue”

Need job

Greetings! Please for a good job in a reputed MNC that offers good salary package, working atmosphere, work life balance and employee benefits 1. For me Ranjini Sam aged 41 yrs(F). I quit last year Jul and took a break. I started job search last month but not even getting interview calls due to lack … Continue reading “Need job”

Fix it please JESUS

Hello all. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I work and pay my tithes and offer my generosity to anyone I can help. I feel so depressed and anxious sometimes because I have a few health concerns and I have been trying to be a good Stewart over all God has entrusted … Continue reading “Fix it please JESUS”

Faith and trust in God

Father God I earnestly come before Thee. Lord Jesus please find favour over my husband. He applied for a promotion as operations supervisor. Please let the outcome be successful Lord. If there’s one person who deserves this opportunity then it’s him. He has proven himself that he is equipped for this position. Please Lord help … Continue reading “Faith and trust in God”

~Please Lord Jesus may the DWP not bother me they always send unnecessary reminders to declare my income & expenses & for appointments.~

It’s no good me saying to the Universal Credit people/DWP that I don’t need reminders about declaring my income and expenses/ and or my appointments with them ~ it’s just that it always makes me feel a bit stressed to receive these emailed reminders and they send them regardless anyway,so I just have to pretend … Continue reading “~Please Lord Jesus may the DWP not bother me they always send unnecessary reminders to declare my income & expenses & for appointments.~”


I left my husband and I’m starting my new life with my son without him. I’ve given a job opportunity to move out of state but I am terrified and scared that I won’t make it in my position and my son and I will be alone and not be able to provide for ourselves. … Continue reading “Strength”

Help Me With Employment

Father God as I start this day, I invite you into my life. Father God, thank you for the opportunity to talk with you. Thank you for keeping us from hurt, harm, and danger. Good I ask that you forgive me all of my sins and wrong doings, knowingly and unknowingly. God, you know what … Continue reading “Help Me With Employment”

Job, business

Hello beloved brother in Christ, I saw your intervention on Facebook and I would like to ask you to support me in prayer. I am going through very difficult times in my life, I need a job, because my activities and all my business are confused, nothing works for me anymore, yet I have a … Continue reading “Job, business”

I Need Job

Dear Lord, I am tire of asking my friends and family members for a permanent job, since 2013, I graduated from a university, I struggle to get a permanent Job, few months ago I signed a contract with a GSM company but in the end, my supervisor who was instructed to trained me into system, … Continue reading “I Need Job”


God is good all the time. Please pray for me. I got a job I love and enjoy as I feel I am serving God and helping victims of domestic abuse. Recently I have been having difficulties with 1 member of staff and its starting to unsettle me. I’ve talked to my supervisor but it … Continue reading “Employment”

Prayer to the blessed virgin

Three Day Miracle Prayer To The Blessed Virgin Mary (Repeat these prayers for three consecutive days) Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are … Continue reading “Prayer to the blessed virgin”

Thank you Lord

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank you so much Lord for answered prayers. My children and I had a good weekend and we were able to eat as you have provided for us. I am so grateful Lord for as you promised, you never leave nor forsake us and you have done so for us. Thank … Continue reading “Thank you Lord”

Needing God Provision

First I like to give thanks to everyone and to my heavenly father. I’m asking prayer for employment I was a teacher but I resigned due being discriminated against, not getting any help or had to put up with the harsh comments being made. I said something on the matter but suffer reiliation from speaking … Continue reading “Needing God Provision”