Prayer Request for job situatiion

My name is Diana and can you please pray for my job situation. On December 19, 2022, we welcomed a new manager, Sebastian Head, whose leadership style has unfortunately brought turmoil into my work life. Despite previous positive experiences under leaders like Dale, John, and Nicole, Sebastian’s approach has been markedly different. I find myself … Continue reading “Prayer Request for job situatiion”

Daughters Health

My daughter has so much stress in her job that she’s physically sick. She’s a property manager and is bombarded with people wanting something for nothing, complaining. The owner has no idea how disruptive her days are and expects too much for 1 person. She also takes care of his personal obligations, Several company bank … Continue reading “Daughters Health”


Heavenly Father, I come before you giving thanks in advance for what you do and who you are. Father, I am weary as I have the responsibility of caring for my mother with Alzheimers, and am the head of my household. I walked away from a stressful job because it was too much with what … Continue reading “GOD WILL PROVIDE”

Deliverance and breakthroughs

Please, pray for me to have breakthroughs in areas of finances, job searching, marriage and good health and happiness in my life as well as my tampered destiny and prayers of deliverance from evil ancestral covenants and generational curses and familial illnesses and diseases. Pray for me for my destiny helpers to locate me speedily. … Continue reading “Deliverance and breakthroughs”


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, I have recently lost my job due to a mistake I made and I lied to cover it up however it came to light and I was let go due to the mistake. My manager would like to me to return and give me a second chance, however the … Continue reading “Job”

New job please Father

Blessings to you, it is our son’s 5th birthday, also on this day my wife has a much needed job interview! We thought this was a good sign from God and so I would like us to pray with thanks for that good sign and thank God for the hope. We are desperate for work … Continue reading “New job please Father”

Job decision

Jesus, you’ve done so many wonderful things for me. I know you know the struggles I’ve been through at work this year. A new possible position has come up. It’s not an easy job but it’ll get me away from toxic people. It’s farther away almost triple the distance. Instead of being able to ride … Continue reading “Job decision”


Dear Father. I come to you with a heavy heart for my son has not been able to find a job. Please God of all seasons open doors for him that nobody can open and continue to make ways in his life. He belongs to You, he is your miracle of life and You gave … Continue reading “Sebastian”

Prayer for Job

Please pray for me to find a job as I’ve been unemployed for over a year now, and I have bills to pay. I acknowledge it was my mistake not to secure a job before leaving my last company, and I’m truly sorry for that. Additionally, I ask for prayers for my sister, Joana, for … Continue reading “Prayer for Job”

Pleasant Work Environment

Dear Heavenly Father, I’m currently being bullied by a fellow coworker and I’m praying for peace..She is arrogant, rude, and disrespectful…She does things to me thats is not fair nor ethical..I’m praying that she treats me with respect like she treats everyone else..I pray the her attitude is adjusted towards me that is fair and … Continue reading “Pleasant Work Environment”


I’m in desperate need of Employment, I have applied to several jobs and still have not received any response from them. Maybe I’m just being impatient, so pray for me to have more patience and wait for God to answer me with his perfect will. And to take away the anxiety and worry while I … Continue reading “Help”

Direction and guidance

Merciful Father, blessed be the name of the Lord our God, ruler of the universe and the heavens and the earth. Father God, I am stuck. I do not know what direction I should go in as far as finding a job, or even if You want me to seek employment. I was told by … Continue reading “Direction and guidance”

Job offer

Please pray for me, I have been seeking for a job since last year. I was terminated from my previous company. Everytime I had an interview from prestigious companies but felt rejected and not selected. After interview they will just tell me to call me but days had passed and nobody offer me a job. … Continue reading “Job offer”

Lord I need you

Lord I come to you asking that you keep me spiritually, emotionally, and financially. These last couple of months have been a roller coaster. Got laid-off from my job, then once I found another job I got covid. And everything has been going down since. It’s really been a struggle because now that I’m feeling … Continue reading “Lord I need you”

New beginning with God

Father, I come before you with a heart full of Thanksgiving for this moment. I want to say thank you for giving me another day, and allowing me to talk to you again. Father, I would like to put all my plans in your hand. You know that I got a new job in shanghai, … Continue reading “New beginning with God”

Prayer for Employment

Dear God, I am here today to ask for your help for my husband Rowen to get a new employment here in Bahrain, that a new company will hire him and give a job offer with a fair salary and benefits for our family, on or before February 21, 2024. Please God help my husband, … Continue reading “Prayer for Employment”

New job for my Husband

I am asking for your help to all who can read this and to our Dear God, to pray for my husband Rowen get a new job/employment here in Bahrain. He was terminated from work because his supervisor got angry with him, he is the breadwinner of our family. We have two kids. Our eldest … Continue reading “New job for my Husband”


My Prayer is to get one of the following jobs below: 12/15/2023 Manager, Clinical Research Pharmacy Services R-176615 Manager, Clinical Research 11/14/2023 R&D Program Manager R-176143 R&D Program Manager In-Review Research Portfolio Management (Noelle Strubczewski) (27011864) 11/08/2023 Manager– Contract Development R-176734 Manager– Contract Development Application Received Business Technology Partners (Yuri Lev)

Need a Job

Greeting , my names is Eddie. Currently I live in Florida, I have applied for a chemist position and waiting for the hiring manager(s) to get back to me. Meanwhile I need a job, but my strong points is the laboratories. I would like the prayer teams to stand in the agreement about this job … Continue reading “Need a Job”

God’s provision

I ask for God’s provision, mercy, and guidance. Unemployment has ended, the two part time jobs I have are not providing what is needed. I need a full time position. I want to do what’s right and honors God. I ask that he will help me to know him better so that I can understand … Continue reading “God’s provision”

Thy shall not worry

God, I’m asking for continued blessing, and if you will forgive me of all my sins. I want to say Thank you, thank you, Dear GOD, for the life you have given me I’m asking if I can please stay on the path that you have for me, GOD take my hand you are my … Continue reading “Thy shall not worry”

Employment and guidance

I was laid off in August after 6 years working with a company. I pray that my path will be revealed in terms of my next journey in my career. Lord I obtained my real estate license during this time and pray that if this is my calling, that I will be connected with the … Continue reading “Employment and guidance”


I need to turn my situation around to have abundance, wealth. employment, get my car, get my dream home, get named cleared to pass background checks to get hired and to find a great man who is committed to marry me to share joys and sorrows, love and respect me and treat me right for … Continue reading “Employment”

Job for son

I have finished homeschooling my son Judah he is 15 almost 16. I would like for him to get a job that is around safe moralistic people where he won’t get himself or others into trouble. There is hope that he can get a job at his brothers work, please pray that all delay is … Continue reading “Job for son”

Strength and Guidance

I would like to praise God for each and every blessing that I receive. I am experiencing a transition in life that involves some change that I know is necessary and I am grateful for the experience to level up and grow. Also trials and tribulations are a part of growth and I appreciate every … Continue reading “Strength and Guidance”

Professional Actor

This is the grammar edited of a previous prayer. Lord, if it is your will to allow me to continue being a professional actor. Please help me to be bold and align my thinking and ways with your ways. That I be deligent and consistent with auditions and my beliefs and staying focused and that … Continue reading “Professional Actor”

Behind on everything

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you remove all obstacles that are blocking me from receiving the job that lines up with what you have in store for me. You said that if I have the faith of a mustard seed, that I would be able to say to that mountain… move… … Continue reading “Behind on everything”

JOB Resolution

Please pray for God’s wisdom, direction and discernment. I started a new job approximately 5 months ago. I’m dealing with a difficult situation with other employees. For whatever reason they have not accepted me and that makes for long days and frankly makes me not want to go to work. Not sure if GOD wants … Continue reading “JOB Resolution”

let go and let God

Lord, please help my son find employment. He got divorced and lost everything. Michael now lives on the streets and is homeless without a job. Wrap your loving arms around my son and let him know everything will be ok. This is just a stumble he’s passing but will get through it. I lift up … Continue reading “let go and let God”


I don’t know which way to go or what to do. I am not sure which direction to go in next in my career. I feel God leading me to go in a different direction. I’m just not sure which way. I trust the word where he says, ‘behold I do a new thing, can’t … Continue reading “Direction”