Employment Prayer

by Tanya (Seattle, WA)

Dear Gracious God,

I ask you for forgiveness for the mistakes I have made. Please lift the burden of my depression and debt and replace them with gainful employment and a new faith in life. Please allow my shortcomings to be disregarded by a new employer. Please show a new employer the strengths you have given me. Please shed your loving light on the darkness that surrounds me.

Please help me dear God, as I feel so helpless. Please give me strength in this time of weakness. I thank you for all of your gracious gifts dear Lord, but I must humbly ask that you show me the security of your love and the stability of your powers. Please banish the opposition and all of my weaknesses and the coldness that surrounds me and replace them with your love, strength and warmth.

Please dear God, let a good employer see my resume and call to meet me. Please dear God, guide me in the interview so that I may land the right job. I thank you dear God for your light. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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