Emotional Healing

Dear Lord,

It has been so many years now that I have been asking ang begging for your help.
Each time i pull myself out of depression, somehow manage to make myself understand that the Lord is my shepherd, he has a plan for me.
Each time I just about begin to feel alive, someone or something comes along and pushes me down again.
Lord am tired of this struggle, of feeling abandoned, unloved and lonely. Am not sure how it is helping anyone me being this way, I can feel myself dying from within slowly. The love, compassion and empathy I used to feel for my fellow beings, I do not feel that anymore. All there is now, is an emptiness that nothing seems to fill. A dark deep void. Am scared of what is happening to me, of what I am becoming. Please dear Lord, Dear Jesus, I have no one to talk to, no one to go to, please please come and heal me, send me an angel, i need to talk to someone, but have no one who cares to listen. I have reached the end of the rope. I have no energy or will to go on. I pray dear Lord, either come heal me and take this pain away or please help me see a meaning in my misery, a purpose to this pain, maybe then I might have the strength to go through this. Lord I eagerly await your help, please send me your angel, Jesus, I belong to you, please do not abandon me, show me the path you want me to take, come hold my hand. I am waiting…