Double Jeopardy.

by Nyeshia ()

I pray for nyeshia l Benjamin child John r ryerson jr happiness, remove all the abuse, bullying, sexual assault, sexual harassment, alienation , lost mindset, anger issues, resentment, retaliation, revenge, retardant, nasty behaviors, bad habits, insecurities, unpleasant emotions, unhealthy relationships, uncomfortable feelings, insecure relationships, bad intentions, bad influences, suicidal tendencies, superficial emotions, stupidity, mental illnesses, unstable relationships, unstable emotions, unstable feelings, unstable friendships, bad blood, bad balances, bad connections, hatred, depression, denial, acceptance, abandonment, allegations, aggression, aggressive personality disorders, poor nutrition issues, wrong judgments, cursed outbursts in every area in his life, removal of people places and things that hurt or harm his family and love in him remove everything his mother nyeshia would not like in his life around hime thinking of him knowing him finding him noticing him touching him wanting him hurting him controlling,, confusion. In Jesus Christ name keep him safe and everything he protects or protecting or protective of unconditional love double Jeopardy. Amen

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