Depression and nausea

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I woke up feeling really sick, dizzy and nauseous. I have food poisoning again from the place we ate at last night.

I have a bad tooth infection and cracked tooth. I need the gums and teeth healed please and to sort out my travel insurance and medical insurance, find a job to pay for it and I have an employment law matter in the tribunal which I need help with. I need the other side to settle please.

I have tremendous back pain which I need healed. I have a really bad kidney, bowel, bladder and urinary tract infection.

I need to talk to a psychologist and I don’t know how to find one who is Christian and reputable.

I really need a safe place to live as I am homeless.

My friend and flatmates have mental health issues and can’t see to clean up after themelsves. Please help them to be healed mentally and to see the mess and filth they create in the kitchen, lounge room and bedroom and be moved to clean up after themselves and be clean people. Im really exhausted from it everyday. He also won’t pay for a cleaner and I can’t do it anymore, Im tired. I need to focus on other things and find a new place to move to.

I need my eyes healed please. So do all of my family and my flatmates and the people I live with.


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