Depression and job/career

by Jayne ()

I really need a career breakthrough please. I don’t own any houses and I need to please.I need a job desperately please. something interesting that I love to do. I m so depressed about being jobless but also my current career. Im stuck and its so boring. I need money though please.
I need help with cleaning the bathroom and kitchen as I am so tired. I also don’t know how to cook. Please help me. Im struggling with living alone and living with noisy and mean flatmates who wake me up early and make a lot of noise every night and all weekend with rock punk metal music and every morning and has girls over all the time and sleeps around.Im really sick and I need to fly tomorrow on an international for 4.5 hours and Im so tired and have a gut ache, diarrhoea and vomiting and back pain. Im so tired and have leaky gut, gluten intolerance, swollen glands, binge eating, sugar allergy, dairy allergy and depression. I can’t sleep at night and I can’t wake up today. I have two or three bulging discs and I feel depressed about the place I am going to stay at as it is so filthy and oppressive. The people are mean and dirty and stay up until 3am with the lights on and lots of noise, so I can’t get a full night’s uninterrupted sleep. Plus the dog is everywhere and unclean and the lady is old now and can’t see and can’t clean. They don’t use a cleaner and the children /son is super messy and leaves dishes and food everywhere on the bench and in the sink and doesn’t clean up after himself. Im so tired and reading it and the long flight. But I have nowhere else to go or live. I also need a job as I am homeless and this is my only option, so it has to work and I have to get a job please. I also can’t breath through my nose and have a lot of phlegm still from the flu and gastric. Thankyou
Im scared of flying and airports and border patrol and I get so stressed and take tablets for airsick and motion sickness is so bad.

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