depression and filth

by Jasmine ()

Please pray for the three priests up the road to receive Christ and forget about us as they are harassing us. They are Greek orthodox and need deliverance and salvation. I repent for going there with my friend and family for prayer and donating money to them and the church. It was pure filth. They didn’t help at all and aremafia.The place Im living at Is so filthy. There is dog poo everywhere, it is too small and the mother, father and son are all retarded and I am stuck here. They are old and filthy and there is a dog. They are always fighting and they never clean up. The place is so small, its ridiculous. I can’t cope anymore. I need a new place to live as I am homeless and I need a family and husband. I need help to study and apply for jobs also to get money. I want to be an entertainer and I want salvation from this environment. My family won’t help me. I need some friends to give me a better place to live. Im so itchy and there is dog poo and wee everywhere. They never clean the dog. The son and the neighbours are retarded. There is no hot water and they pick on me and get jealous. The mum is a communist and atheist and a witch who needs major deliverance. She has slept with so many men and encourages her son to. One son already died and committed suicied as she is so horrible. Please fix them and get me

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