Delivered from people pleasing

by Janet ()

Lord, I’m asking that you deliver me from the sin of people pleasing and the addiction of approval from others, I’ve become so overwhelmed, tired, financially depleted emotionally drained and exhausted by constantly trying to prove my worth to others or make myself a resource for others simply to be liked and to feel needed or valued by others. Instead please let me place my attention and my heart towards you. Let me focus on the things, or your plans to accomplish your will for my life. I want to live for you; I ve gotten so caught up in the wrong priorities and even in doing that I’ve walked in fear and timidity. As if I speak my mind and heart it will offend others… I want to be your influencer for the Kingdom. Please deliver me from being double minded. Following the opinions of others that don’t matter. Let me be bold in speaking up and believing in your promises and scripture that confirms truth. Remove my emotions and FEAR of speaking truth just because I believe it will offend someone. Let me become more authentic and comfortable with Following your plan, your ways and purpose that you have for my life. I’m ready to live a life pleading to you and breaking out of these heavy chains that keep me from being completely and totally free! I’m believing by faith that it is done and I will be able to confidently and effectively be used to accomplish your will for my life. Tug at my heart and give me the wisdom to determine when I’m doing something to be seen vs. doing something for your glory. If I’m doing the most because of fame; then it’s not authentic… it’s for show. It’s for Janet Peterson’s glory not yours. Please forgive me for attracting the attention for myself and NOT for you. Deliver me from the sin and deeply rooted habit of having all eyes on me… remove all insecurities and my fear if rejection. Help me become more focused on what pleases you first, then my needs, then others if this the correct order. Remove the heaviness of guilt, shame and overwhelming tendencies to neglect my own personal and self care needs. Help me prioritize YOUR needs and Will for my life. Deliver me from what doesn’t please you.. and give me peace of mind and most of all freedom and let my identity in Christ be the main focus. In Jesus Name Amen!

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