Confidence in God

by Prayers Admin ()

Who better to trust in,
then in God?
Who knows all our strengths
And sees all our weaknesses.
He has counted every hair on my head.
No thought of mine is hidden from Him.
He knows my every desire.
He knows the length of my days,
for He, Himself created me in my mother’s womb.
Trust in God, for He is good!
His love is never-ending.
He disposes the arrogant from their lofty places.
And He puts the humble in their place.
He sees the sufferings of the just one,
and comes to their rescue.
He throws down their oppressor,
and saves them from all evil.
Oh God, You alone know everything.
No one can hide from You,
for all in the Heavens and the Earth belong to You.
You know all my needs and wants;
my most secret desires are placed before You.
You are good in all Your ways,
so I will trust in You forevermore.

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