Child and Health

by Tresila ()

Dear Father God, I come to you this morning asking for your help and mercy for my 20 year old daughter and myself. Please let her place of employment understand that she cannot work in the garden center due to the fact that she had an allergic reaction and going into Anaphylactic Shock after being out there for 2 days and 1 hour last year. As you know Father, the Allergist couldn’t pinpoint the exact thing out there that caused it; only that she’s allergic to MANY trees, shrubs, grasses, pollens, etc. So much so that she has to carry 2 Epi Pens at all times. The doctor wrote them a letter stating that she couldn’t work in the Garden Center last Summer and they had NO problem with that, as she wasn’t hired to be a cashier almost 2 years ago, she was hired for another department. Please help her to keep her job, at least until she graduates college in 3 months and then please lead her to a wonderful job in her career field. She strives to do her job to the best of her abilities, and always has, resulting in many rewards and raises. She also strives and has succeeded greatly academically at college. She’s completed one degree and will be graduating with top honors and is in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I have health issues and seeing my daughter upset over possibly losing her job due to this is taking a toll on she and myself (by exacerbating my health issues). There are several she works with that shouldn’t have their job due to poor customer service, never showing up, and not performing their job duties when they are there. Please, God let her be allowed to work indoors and back in the department she was originally hired for, but at least indoors. Also, please calm her and calm me and my anxiety and blood pressure and other health issues. All this I ask and pray, in thy Most Holy Name, Amen

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