by Erika ()

My name is Erika and I am asking for prayer today for Charley George, my partner. He is struggling with his mental health, feeling a lot of depression and sadness and overwhelmed by the issues we had in our past. We have been together over 4 years now but our past issues have caused him to feel like he lost who he was. We are much better now with communication, love and patience, but he can’t seem to shake all the fights we have had in the past. He also is dealing with a lot of guilt from infidelity on his part and I have forgiven him and feel he is an amazing man, but he is having trouble forgiving himself. He was once very close to God but has lost that closeness. I pray that the Lord heals him, gives him peace, happiness, and I ask for prayers for our relationship, that if possible, Charley and I can stay united as a team in our relationship. To help guide the both of us to be the partners we need for each other. Charley is having a difficult time praying, he says he doesn’t have the desire or will to do so, but I ask for prayer for him to give him strength and to seek God during this time. He is going to a therapy appointment tomorrow to discuss his feelings about our relationship. He doesn’t want to end it but says he thinks he might need to. He tells me he loves me and that our improvement has been great but he can’t seem to let go of the past hurt we have caused each other. I just want him to be happy again and to find himself.

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