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I am writing to request your prayers for my mother, Jennie, who is struggling with cancer. She has been experiencing a constant fever and has lost her appetite. She is in constant pain and depression. Unfortunately, the cancer had been in her body for three years prior without knowledge, and it was caught too late due to lack of care from her doctors at Kaiser. They did blood work and all kinds of scans, but it was only the CAT scan that detected the tumors. It’s frustrating that this isn’t done for all people.

In addition, my father is 90 years old and has renal failure. He is in the last stage and unable to receive treatment due to his age and weakness. He is depressed watching my mother suffer. Our family is broken and depressed. This situation is affecting my work life and finances, as I am missing too much work and can’t think straight. I’ll be driving and break down and cry in the car and have horrible thoughts.

I pray daily, but I can never remain sane enough for the day. It’s affecting my life with my wife and children. I’m starting to shut down. I don’t understand how you can be a believer all of your life and struggle so badly without help from our Father. I don’t know any Father who would ignore and allow his child to suffer in pain. The Bible doesn’t make sense to me, or maybe my anger got the best of me. Either way, if you love your child, you won’t let them suffer in flesh and die in flesh like this.

We are all struggling badly, and the pain is too much. I have many heart health issues, and I can’t keep doing this daily watching them suffer. It’s breaking me to the point of constant tears. I beg God. I am on Facebook pages and prayer groups with over 10,000 prayers, and I’m still in line waiting for Christ Jesus to hear my cry.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Steven Joseph from San Diego

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