Peace and prosperity

I have started a business that I need guidance on growing. I want to bless others with this business I have developed. I ask that God protect me, give me discernment about people I have allowed in my life to walk with me on this journey. Protect my family and friends. Look over Tyrell as … Continue reading “Peace and prosperity”


Heavenly Father, Today I need your Son -Jesus to be my friend in leading me to employment. Today I walk in faith with you Jesus as I let go of 4 1/2 years of being out of work and trust you Jesus to provide an employer for me today. I give you all the glory, … Continue reading “Employment”

Job Requirements

Direction, wisdom, discernment concerning choices I need to make regarding my job. Requirements I do not agree with. I want to quit and work on my own, but I carry insurance and husbands health requires much assistance. Direction and discernment on choice.


Please pray that my company will give me a chance to meet their needs, and will be able to keep my job. I need the money and the insurance. I’m a single mom taking care of an elderly mom. Please pray for the evil around me and my job to be removed. I need my … Continue reading “Help”

Prayer in despair

My friend James is from Canada and working in Singapore. He has a business here. In July his business was affected because his bank in Canada has blocked his access his account. He could not access his funds. Until now December the issue is not resolved. Please HELP pray God will provide a way out … Continue reading “Prayer in despair”

I’ve lost everything

I recently opened a business last year and it was very profitable. Things took a turn for the worse an now I am over 400k in debt. My credit score has dropped 300 points. I’ve lost all hope and am trying to find the will to live and go on. Every effort I’ve done has … Continue reading “I’ve lost everything”

prayer and relationships

Pray for housing . Renewal go smoothly . pray for me and relationship with my mom and a couple in my church.

Help my abusive behavior

I abuse people online by bombarding them with spam, help me find a better job and to learn that it can ruin peoples lives.

Prosper Our Business

Hi me and my wife started a cleaning business during the pandemic when lost our jobs. We have a lot of competition and we need prayer for favor and for God to bless our business, so that we may bless others. Thank you!

Urgent, please help Lord…

My business is experiencing a dry spell. I work as a translator, editor, journalist and writer. Please pray that the Lord will guide me towards clients and open up doors for more work and projects. Thank you! God bless…


Father God I need to make a decision about my career I am in need of some guidance as to well you want me to work.. Lord you know my struggles with my current place of work I don’t won’t to experience the same experience again. Amen

Work struggle

Lord I am struggling with my business ,one stress after another , van trouble,staff trouble and lack of staff has impacted us. I pray that I can get a couple of staff to join so that we can improve the working hours for all and keep the business going. It is so hard ,but I … Continue reading “Work struggle”


I pray that the program approves me for the housing voucher so myself & my son may have proper housing again. Its getting cold & we’re getting sick. Help us Lord!

Career job

Heavenly father, I glorify and give you honor and praise. I confess my sins and thank you for all you have and you are doing in my life. Father I pray for and financial breakthrough and fulfil my heart desires of the printing business have always dreamt of as well as be able to help … Continue reading “Career job”

please god of mercy answer my prayers I’m crying day and night because of my condition please god answer me I promise I will forever be saving you to the last day of my life from now to April next year let all my request come true amen

I thank you god for the gift of life today.please god hear my prayers I have cry day and night because of my condition I can’t even eat well why I’m hustling like a human being please god let all my pray come true I promise you that I will forever be saving you for … Continue reading “please god of mercy answer my prayers I’m crying day and night because of my condition please god answer me I promise I will forever be saving you to the last day of my life from now to April next year let all my request come true amen”

Kingdom Financer

Hello, I have 2 business ventures that I am trying to get underway. One is brand new and the other is a relaunch. I also want to be a Kingdom Financer. I desire to no longer work a 9 to 5, so I ask for prayer for success and an over abundance of customer so … Continue reading “Kingdom Financer”


I have been locked out of my apartment I’m a 68 year old Black Haiti Female that has lived in this apartment for over 20 years I let my niece come stay with me when Covid-19’s had started and this is when the problem had started not with my niece but with the other attendant. … Continue reading “Violated”


Overwhelmed. My husband passed from COVID leaving me to run a small business. A business, a household, and sadness are ganging up on me. So many concerns Thank you for keeping me and my family in prayer.

Reward from God

For me to know Jesus better Forgiveness and success in life. Help me lord draw my son close to you draw me close to you Amen



Get through this season with my job and my friends I’m looking at so much that is going on

God has gotten me through so many things are right now I’m going through a battle with financial because of my business being up and down I know that God is there always listening wanting to know what’s going on with me and he always talks with me and walks with me but sometimes you … Continue reading “Get through this season with my job and my friends I’m looking at so much that is going on”

Prayer for Lenin A

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus, I seek your intercessions for Lenin, my better half, who is to write his exam next month – Dec 12, 2021. His has been a very hard life, with several struggles – emotional and spiritual, and occasionally physical. He continues to be wounded due to a dysfunctional and … Continue reading “Prayer for Lenin A”

Prayer for purpose

Prayer warriors: pray that I find my purpose in the midst of conflict, anxiety and disorder. When your presence makes others uncomfortable due to my calling. Others see my assertiveness as bossy, instead of leadership and doing it all out of love for people and our patients. Please pray that I find my purpose as … Continue reading “Prayer for purpose”

Prayer for God’s will

Hello. I recently decided to take my hobby of making wax melts and candles and turn it into a small home based business. But I haven’t had much luck selling these handmade items yet. This is something I truly enjoy and something I am good at doing. And I really felt like this thought to … Continue reading “Prayer for God’s will”

Watch over our hospital

Lord I pray you guide me in the daily operations of our business. Lift up my team when our outcomes are not what they need to be. Give me patience to find the medical director right for us. Encourage my team through the work they do. I pray in Jesus name. Amen


In my business we require a money 20lac today night. tomorrow God will lead my business do well. My father thanks for your love and your presence in my life. I belive in you, u will leasern my prayers and answering now. I pray that your in control in my life. Tommmrow that day I … Continue reading “Money”