Lord I pray for my husband and his unhappiness and depression over what it is he is supposed to be doing for work and making money. He has asked and prayed for months and hasn’t felt like he knows what he should be doing with his life for work and is very frustrated! Lord I … Continue reading “Husband”

The Lord’s Favor

Dear Lord, thank you for leading me by Your Holy and Sweet serene Soirit on today and the days before. Thank you for guidance blessing! Thank you for provision. Thank you for Grace. I ask that as I plan for the dreams You’ve placed in my heart and soul, bless me with guidance, strategy, Your … Continue reading “The Lord’s Favor”

Prayer for Results at Work

Dear Father, I come to humbly requesting strength and perseverance to complete my duties tomorrow for the greater good of my organization and to fill the hearts and minds of my prospects with curiousity. They could purchase services from elsewhere but let them see that we are authentic and genuine a service provider as anyone … Continue reading “Prayer for Results at Work”

Business growth

Heavenly Father I come to you, I need your guidance healing and protection. I need wisdom on how I can run my business. I need protection against my enemies. I pray and ask for forgiveness for everyone that I’ve wronged. Bless me and bless my hands, bless my business and help it grow as it … Continue reading “Business growth”


Pray that God will give me wisdom and wealth, prosperity, peace and provision. My own house for my 2 dogs and I, my own vehicle (s). A increase in my faith, clean hands and a pure heart. Power and a great anointing as I fast and pray. Seeking his face. Pray God saves my siblings … Continue reading “Established”

Praying for a building

Thank God for this opportunity to request prayer online. I am a Christian playwright. I am in need of a building. The building will be used for play rehearsals and performances. In addition I plan to do voice, dance, piano training, concerts, community events, activities for youth and seniors etc.. I want to be a … Continue reading “Praying for a building”


Dear Lord, I’ve been working all my life since I was 12 years old, I’m so thankful for all those years, that I had help family members and friends because I had job to finance their needs. Lord I am close to my retirement age and still did not accomplish much for myself. I still … Continue reading “Retirement”

Financial Miracle

Hello, Please pray for me that God will give me instructions on what to do with my business. It is currently failing with no sales. I also do not have a income at this time but will be passing my licensing test for real estate soon. My money is getting low and I need a … Continue reading “Financial Miracle”

Financial Breakthrough

Dear God Almighty, our eternal father. I come before your throne and awk for prayer, guidance, courage, abundant mercy and grace, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge for the business that I am going to pursue this time. Please pray for this insurance business and the system that I will apply. Pray also for the Plaridel and … Continue reading “Financial Breakthrough”


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that R finds faith from him, that we can re-engage, re-marry, love again, BHA, MSKYALYALMAAU, R, LIP, may the Lord unite families, mHUNLNSOA!! MMCHAMSMSC!! weddings, churches. MEBA!! MSCM!! HEAHNBW !!MNFAC !! MSR, GUZ!! MWDHGAB!! MSBBAAWR!! MWFTMADHC!! GHLJCEDPLALC, HHIHLAJAN, HHNBIAFABAHHS, HHSAFFAYABAAFHG!! HHHCR, HEHCRAON!! MFAAMDHAHFI!! HUDPO!! WOW!! HUBIPARWE, HUMAT, … Continue reading “marriage”

Better future

I am praying that I will be able to get my business up and running to help people get their families or their self back into a home and off the streets and vehicles. I am praying the Lord will help me find good people to help me make that possible. I have those funny … Continue reading “Better future”

Urgent, please help Lord…

I work from home as a freelance journalist, editor and translator. My business is struggling. Please pray that the Lord will open up doors for new clients, opportunities and business. As a journalist and translator I am looking to get involved with a national radio station. As an editor, I do academic editing of theses … Continue reading “Urgent, please help Lord…”

Entrusted Legacy

Entrusted Legacy and Consult 4 Kids are start-up companies that specialize in providing high quality training to adults that ultimately help students, children and youth in after-school programs across the United States and throughout the world. Please pray for the good work that these trained adults can do in support of youth. The C4K Leadership … Continue reading “Entrusted Legacy”

A fresh start

Father, we desire a fresh start in our new business ventures. You have blessed us with opportunities to move about and travel in our old business. You always provided enough. Forgive us for not always being the best stewards of our time and help my wife and I to find out hearts focused on you … Continue reading “A fresh start”


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that Rachel finds her faith, her zeal, her love, her E, her joy, that we can re-engage, remarry DQP, marry, be attracted, receive, that the Lord re-unites the families, weddings, churches!! I pray that she will return to church and serve, sanctify and consecrate, be born again, … Continue reading “marriage”

God always show up

Thanks for praying I . Praying for my family members who are unsaved to get saved. I am praying for those who are saved to not back slide or give up their faith no matter how hard the journey becomes. I am praying for new connections with my online education business. I am networking with … Continue reading “God always show up”

Break through

Am requesting you to pray with me am in very desperate situation,where I purchased a machine in China,it’s three years ago,I have never started working with it,I kept it in church compound called Deliverance church In Kenya ,it’s now 2 years I have not paid them,now they are demanding I pay remove the machine,or I … Continue reading “Break through”

Novena for my husband

That his health be protected and strong. That his new business which is his passion, joy and life’s work be successful and satisfying for him. In Christ Jesus name, I pray.


I need favorite with God and man to grow my business, and I would like to be married, Lord find me a husband!

wisdom daily

Pray as I finalize Housing and get a leak fixed in my kitchen.


Good morning, my prayer request has to do with an issue about my property, something that was discovered 3 months ago. I’m a 67 y/o senior lady that is a caregiver of my 71 y/o mentally challenged brother ( have been for most of our lives ). Our mother passed in 2000, leaving me her … Continue reading “Miracle”

Start A Business

Most gracious heavenly Father I come humbly asking for forgiveness of my sins. Father cleanse me of my sins known and unknown. Change me that I may follow you no matter what my circumstances may be or may bring. Create in me a clean heart that I may begin my new journey with you leading … Continue reading “Start A Business”

Success in selling and buying Real estate

Please pray that the property that I’m about to sell go fast and profitable. My children sell Real estate and I pray that God go before them with whatever dealings they encounter in this business and Blessings are poured out upon them. Thanks in advance and May God bless the person whose praying for me.


Dear, Lord thank for loving us , than you . Today ask you Father to give my son Nader wisdom to succeed I n his business the making him financial Stable . In your name I pray 🙏🙏🙏❤️


Dear Lord, you have given me clear instructions and I have not followed them for my business. I know your way is best, please help me be obedient and filled with your faith and not fear for my business. I want to succeed. In Jesus name Amen


Dear God we pray That our coconut businesses continue to prosper in every way and for God’s blessings protection and company now and how it has been, always in every part of it now and forever ..Amen

Peace and prosperity

I have started a business that I need guidance on growing. I want to bless others with this business I have developed. I ask that God protect me, give me discernment about people I have allowed in my life to walk with me on this journey. Protect my family and friends. Look over Tyrell as … Continue reading “Peace and prosperity”


Heavenly Father, Today I need your Son -Jesus to be my friend in leading me to employment. Today I walk in faith with you Jesus as I let go of 4 1/2 years of being out of work and trust you Jesus to provide an employer for me today. I give you all the glory, … Continue reading “Employment”

Job Requirements

Direction, wisdom, discernment concerning choices I need to make regarding my job. Requirements I do not agree with. I want to quit and work on my own, but I carry insurance and husbands health requires much assistance. Direction and discernment on choice.


Please pray that my company will give me a chance to meet their needs, and will be able to keep my job. I need the money and the insurance. I’m a single mom taking care of an elderly mom. Please pray for the evil around me and my job to be removed. I need my … Continue reading “Help”

Prayer in despair

My friend James is from Canada and working in Singapore. He has a business here. In July his business was affected because his bank in Canada has blocked his access his account. He could not access his funds. Until now December the issue is not resolved. Please HELP pray God will provide a way out … Continue reading “Prayer in despair”

I’ve lost everything

I recently opened a business last year and it was very profitable. Things took a turn for the worse an now I am over 400k in debt. My credit score has dropped 300 points. I’ve lost all hope and am trying to find the will to live and go on. Every effort I’ve done has … Continue reading “I’ve lost everything”

prayer and relationships

Pray for housing . Renewal go smoothly . pray for me and relationship with my mom and a couple in my church.

Help my abusive behavior

I abuse people online by bombarding them with spam, help me find a better job and to learn that it can ruin peoples lives.

Prosper Our Business

Hi me and my wife started a cleaning business during the pandemic when lost our jobs. We have a lot of competition and we need prayer for favor and for God to bless our business, so that we may bless others. Thank you!