Bring my love

by Steph ()

Lord, your word said that it is not good for man to be alone, but I have been lonely my adult life. I have met men who did not love me, or I did not love them. I have shared intimately before marriage and I ask for forgiveness about that. I have waited sexually for years and I am upset about that. I want to share my heart, sex, cooking, time, love, gifts, and etc with a man. It is my purpose. I don’t want to be fully independent. I want to share this dependence with each other where we depend on You first, then on each other. I ask that you would make him like you in love and Vin Diesel in body. Help him to help me and I promise to do the same. Lord, I want to love him through it all, give him my all, stick by hus side through tough things. God, I can’t be with a man who would walk away from me. Don’t give me a man that quits easily and whom would ever walk away from me. Heal my heart. I also pray that my female friends struggling to find a man will also be married and loved. Lord, give us not a wedding, but a marriage. Give us Love like you see it in the form of marriage and commitment. Let those men adore us and we adore them. I want to be his queen and he my king. I want us to love you together and worship forever. When we have issues let us not walk away, but take away our pride and go down on our knees together to pray! Let love win. Let him love me and let me be his greatest assest to his purpose other than you. The poem I wrote in my dorm room years ago, God, I ask that you would bring it to pass. Fulfill my joy Lord. Fulfill my life. STOP making me have false hope that you can do all things. Let my hope come alive as I see you care for me and do things necessary to go forward and higher in you. Let my life becone a reflection of your grace and love upon and for me!

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