Blessed and wish for blessings of others

by Darryl ()

So Blessed , 

Dear God,

      I Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me. Your grace, your death on the Cross, so I can now live a saved life from the sins I have committed and forgiven for them. I want to follow in your footsteps. I have come a long way, for you God have lifted me to what is an amazing place. You have brought me to a place filled with iniquity, yet support me on high with your Spirit and other angels.  I see evil and feel attacked, yet you shield me. The words I speak when attacked are influenced from you , my gracious God who art in heaven. I listen, process , diffuse humbly and am  thankful when at least a couple people say they are Sorry. Sometimes I get lost looking ahead and realize you are here today now and will guide me, Faith. I love to feel your presence with me , you encompass, uplift my spirit and strengthen my resolve. Thank You Dear God in Heaven for your guidance. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be with your father and to be an adopted son by your grace and salvation unto me, I ask for forgiveness of my sins and by your blood Jesus, and you do so for you are my true Savior , I will Bow  to your grace forever , to you Jesus , your  Father who art in heaven and the Holy Spirit.
          Please guide my wife and give her the peace you have blessed me with. Please God give her strength to do Good. Dear God please give her your glory, for a better woman and mother there is not in my eyes. I pray to remove any Jezebels influence on my wife and protect her from evil. I ask you give her peace and clarity in her life.

           May those in the world in harms way have peace, refuge, protection and clarity as so many are suffering in Gaza, Isreal, Ukraine, Russia, Yemeni,  Columbia, Syria, Sudan, and other conflicted areas, our country is buffered somewhat from this knowledge as a whole, of which God you are not,  little do people know of your burden, I have felt and seen things I cannot explain for months. I  pray you hear my words and lift up the Good and protect the innocent and those that are deserving , lift them up by your love , bring Peace unto your world for they know not what they have done nor what they do. I love you Dear Lord my God in Heaven with all my heart, flesh , mind , body and soul forever, In Jesus Name I Pray and by your Grace Dear God who art in Heaven please answer my prayers unto you. 
   God of mercy,love, purity, righteousness, grace, may the light of the Sun shine into the Souls of those warmongers that are not too far gone. May evil be removed from their souls by your Son Jesus and locked away from Humanity. May your laws be seen as good and just and followed in all of the people of your Earth from heaven above. May their hearts, souls and minds be filled with your grace alone.
            Thank you God , Thank you Jesus  for I ask so much of you. I love you, I am loved by you and could not ask for more. May your love find those who know it not and we not lose a soul to the devil. AMEM
  Darryl T


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