by Sharla ()

I’ve answered all your prayers. Xmas coming bdays coming , here forever , more coming , Xmas gifts Layed out , all bday gifts Layed out , merry Christmas happy birthday , god
Didn’t give you 4:30 am meds or 6 am meds but god saved you. God. Self self god somewhat , god gives you here forever 120 years old to none , god saves you , peace , happiness, 120 years old —- all of my power as God went to you , Sharla and you stayed here forever and celebrated xmass and bdays I bought you everything so you get your gift in 11 days maybe 9 days ,, then June 15, then 50, then 120 years … self self it’s 8:42 pm nothing is going on at all , so god saved you ………., god saved you , god saved you this couldn’t happen and god saved you. Thanks self god god ..,,,. I’m done really
If med keep up meds unknown ,,. No family and alone and God or God or God peace thank you , future —- of self —— God …… saved by god. I’m done. God. Alone. God. Hair longer god … 48. , so god saved you. Bye.

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