As i live my life

by Mikay ()

Almighty father, when i prayed for a lifetime partner, you answered it and i was ever so grateful. However, as days, months, years pass, the person i thought was an answered prayer was not the person i wiahed to be as a lifetime partner. Why? He is controlled by an evil sister. He always tell me he regrets getting marrjed becauae his friends tell him once you marry, your life will be controlled. Actually, his life is controlled and has been controlled by his evil sister. She calls him everyday calls him a name that i see as a name of a female and she is the only person in their family that calls him that name. She controls everyone in theur family to include the only living parent, their dad.She loves to bully and the whole family to exclude the father, loves to bully. Her life revolves on the phone, using her mouth and dirty tongue. I pray that one day, she be given silence in her mouth and tongue. She loves to medfle in other peoples life and conteols their lives.She always say nobkdy can say no to her because she has been helping financially to her siblings. Her helping is actually not helping since she expects those people to give back by their life being controlled. She is an investor not a person who helps from the heart.
Almighty Father, my marriage is not a healthy one. Husband controls me, my being me and he treats me as a slave not a wife. He was brought up as brat and even if he is now an adult he wants to be treated as king. He even tells he is a king. I always tell him only God is the king and nobody gets that title from God. He is rude, arrogant, when asked bg friends hkws his family, he talks about his family in their country not to include his wife. Actually, anything i do for him, there is never an acknowledgment because for him anything i do is a duty and do not deserve anything even a simple thank you.
Lord, my cup is full, and im in the brink of letting go of this relationship.

I see this as an emotional battery. This is not marriage.
He insults my family, my culture and me as a person.

When there is no respect in a relationship, therr is no use to stay.

I married a God fearing person but when his sister is in the picture, my husband is a different person. He becomes my worst nightmare. He is so evil, violent and saddistic.

I married a monster.

Lord, help me and guide me out of this hell life.

I give a lot of chance for him to change but everytime the evil sister is connecting to my husband, he becomes what she is, an evil monster.

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