April Parsons

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“Make me a lotto winner by the end of the year It would be a life-changing experience. I have never won any money of this sort before but I could do with a lotto win to change everything about my life. I want to have a baby using ivf treatment aboard but I have an unclean internal body that needs to be cleansed to make it usable to make this happen. I want a baby I have done for 7 years now and I have not the money to mnake this happen need my eggs in my body to be reborn and reverse my mensapause to make this happen. I also want to buy a house of my own not owned by anyone but me. I want a lotto win to change everything about my past and make it a thing of the past. I want every person that has harmend me through deciet or betrayal to know that I won the lotto and they can no longer betray me or talk to me ever again. I am tried of living on welfare I had interviews for (hidden-text)tty jobs this year without any luck and the lotto win will stop me begging for support from authorities. ” Make me find a clinic that can deliever my body a guarantee result in having a baby. I have never wanted a bbay as much as I have these last 7 yrs. I want a child that feats the odds of my body and my psychic abilities that say no I can’t I want god to help me make my dream of becoming a mother at 57 yrs old a reality. I want to this dream of all the above a true reality.

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