Anxiety depression

by Pam ()

Anxiety depression dear Lord I ask you to take away this depression and anxiety that I carry with me day in and day out. I feel like I can’t breathe I feel like nobody loves me in this world and my depression goes on and on from when I was young my oldest daughter‘s father got shot and died in my arms I was only 17 yrs old I lost my brother About a year after he passed away my brother was in a fatal accident and went up at 250 foot cliff in his car with two other friends he was the only one that died.after that to my father and then my mother.. and then two years after my mother passed away a week later my grandma passed away and then my oldest brother Lloyd I know my mother praised you every day.I would walk into the house and she would be in front of the TV on her hands and knees with her hands on the TV screen praising the Benny hen. So what are you asking for is to asked you to protect me and thank you for what you have given us I was a heroin addict for 22 years but I am now been clean for 20 and I wanna thank you for Dear Lord I hope you hear my praises that I sing to you daily I love to sing to you every day I may sound horrible but my voice rises to you but I make up songs just to be able to keep praising you for everything that you have done for me and my family me and my husband please watch over him Lord I ask you to give all your grace to him that she has raised our kids and he has protected me from anything or anybody or any harm and that I love him so much Lord please Watch over him my sister hasn’t talk to me in 10 years and I would love for her to ask my brother for my phone number or give me her phone number and my daughter Crystal I don’t know what are you done Lord when she was young yes I done wrong and I’m sorry for what I did and that’s one thing I did when I got my sobriety and got up to hear one word I said sorry to everybody that I loved that I could say sorry to And asked for my forgiveness to them especially my mother and but I just put that into your hands hoping that you can take care of it and praying that you will. I’m asking more that you will help me quit smoking as I know I need to quit I’m already on oxygen at night and I could feel it every day get worse and worse and worse. And help me learn to get up out of this bed and I lay in day in and day out every day I need you Lord and I need your help I am crying out with my Arms held high that I need you to protect me and to help me. In your name I ask you Lord..Amen

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