About to be Homeless

by Cathy ()

On June 1, 2024 my family and I will be homeless. We work and make too much money for the many programs in our state but our credit scores (too low), debt to income ratios(too high) so we do not qualify for a home loan. I have called many, many, many places and talked to many, many people and each time the answer has been no. There are 7 of us, as back some time ago we all moved in together to be able to pay bills after covid. During that whole time we worked and were never late on rent, etc but there were times we we had to use credit cards to get by so we are trying to pay those off. I have prayed daily to God for answers, guidance or anykind or person for help. I have found none. I am terrified we will soon be on the street as we are fast running out of time. All my life when anyone has been in need I have stepped up and help any way I could. I feel as though I have been deserted by my fellow man and sometimes by God. I am 75 years old and in poor health although I still work part time as I need to. I don’t even know how or what to pray for anymore. I can’t even afford to see a counselor to talk to and all my close friends are no longer living. My other children do not have any room in their homes for us to even live there temporaryily and because we work we do not qualified to live in any of the shelters we have in the area and there are very few. Please pray for me and my family. My two grandsons age17(slightly autistic) and age 8 are very concerned and upset although we try not to talk in front of them but they know and they are frightened. I know this is long and rambling but it is hard for me at this point to even keep my thoughts together. Please keep us in your prayers as at this point we need a major miracle to happen. Thank you.

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