A Prayer for Success & Prosperity for our Family’s Business

Dear Lord Jesus & God our Father, please hear our prayers. My family’s business has been struggling, we desperately need your help. Please grant us good opportunities that will be a benefit to us & protect us from anyone or anything that will be a burden for our family & business. Please help us rebuild our business in that it will again be successful, prosperous & provide financial abundance. And in this abundance may we always be able to provide for our family, our employees. Help us make good decisions & guide us. We ask we will be finally paid all the money that is owed to us for work that we have justly done in good faith. Then may we be able to pay off all our debts that we’ve been struggling with. Please grant that we get through all these many trial & tribulations. Let our business again be profitable & successful business for my family. Thank you for hearing our requests, and please bless our family & our business with much needed financial abundance & prosperity. Amen.

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