A Healing Prayer for My Daughter’s Health

by Nena ()

Lord. I am in depress need once again of your blessings n powerful healing for my daughter you know she’s already been through so much. Please grant me by healing her n giving her a life she deserves to live. besides coping with seizures for many yrs then anxiety came along and taking med for this as well but I am so blessed and will never stop thanking you lord for saving my baby girl.

you are my almighty and the one I know that hears out my prayers . my daughter being a strong women now at age 30 and married has tried to have children has not been able too. because of anxiety pills and once again you saved her thank you my lord.amen!

And now my lord and in Jesus name please I ask in mercy on my bending knees to please remove n clean out wat doctors said she has few small tumors in both her ovaries and gave her medication for treatment no need for surgery that’s a plus. she’s just started to take metformin which is use for treatment for ppl with diabetes type 2 the side effects kick in n I’m so worry for her but she won’t give up but lord my concern for her health with all these medication please no more she taking this to level her cells of hp in her body.

Please in Jesus name please grant me this miracle I ask from you my lord almighty. With all my heart n please help me pray for my baby girl no matter her age she will always b my baby . I know you hear me oh god almighty I believe and I put my daughter in your hands I trust you my lord my everything in Jesus name AMEN!

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  1. Healing

    Please Dear God , I ask you to send your miracle healing to my daughter, she is in so much pain. I pray for her relief and healing physically and mentally. You gave her life please Lord heal her and be with her to live a fulfilled happy life to serve you and others. Thank you Lord for the healing you will send her. You are the almighty our most high. I love you and praise you god in all ways of my life.

  2. Let all yor prayers to be ansvered!

    God give as our children and God will keep them safe , just keep pray to Him

  3. God Please in your will Heal My Daughter

    Dear God please heal my daughter Alyssa from Pan’s / pandas and OCD. She is suffering. Please guide her doctors on what medication will be best for her to eliminate her symtoms totally. Please help us finanically for medical bills.
    Dear God with your power please help her to live a normal, healthy life without suffering any more.

    Our Faith in you still remains

  4. my precious daughter

    Please Lord heal my daughter she is in intensive care very sick Lord I put all my faith love and trust in you completely thank you amen her name is Rachel walker

  5. Prayers for Brielle

    God, please be with Brielle and heal her of any heart issues, arthritic issues, her struggles breathing at times, her extreme fatigue at times, the pains she gets in her stomach, any throat issues, and please heal her mind from all the scary unknown issues she keeps having. God, please bless her coaches and doctors with the wisdom and know how to get my baby girl health, strong, and happy again so she can continue to do what she loves most in this life (besides serving you).

  6. Prayer for Noel

    Please heal my daughter mentally and physically. Bless her spiritually. Guide her footsteps towards your path for her. Forgive her mistakes in life, as we are only humans on a journey to satisy your grace. Give her all that she needs in this life to be her very best in you. In Jesus name i pray.

  7. Please pray for my daughter

    She has had womens’ health issues for a long time .. now she is concerned about her internal health, needs testing and we are hoping dear Lord for the best. Please keep her in your arms and help her get thru the emotional stress leading up to the tests and results. She is my only daughter and is such a blessing to so many people. She lives in Texas and teaches children who have very little—she has been on her own for 5 years now and we are back in Pennsylvania. Our daily hugs and kisses physically are not there….. I pray daily for her and you have shown her your love and grace thru many things… Thank you Lord for all your blessings… In Jesus name I pray… Amen

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