A closer walk with God

by Judy Harris (Birmingham,AL (USA)

My daughter I live with and I need prayer to do God’s will. We must lay hands on people who are sick and those who need prayer for different reasons. The enemy has been working against us. God said He would bless us greatly when we do His will. Family members and others are using witchcraft on me and my daughter; putting curses on us. There are generational curses on our family. Please pray that curses will be broken and all witchcraft will cease. Salvation and deliverance for me and my family. Clean thoughts, cursing stops. Loved ones delivered from prison this year and have a closer relationship with God and a good life. Healing for me and my family. I fell and injured my back and was rushed to the hospital in terrible pain this past Saturday. The doctor said I need to move into a house with no stairs. My daughter and I currently live in a townhouse. We need a financial miracle to get a nice house, in a nice area; a one level house because of my back. My daughter and I would also like to get married this year to saved mates. My daughter and I are tired of being sick. Most of the terrible things being done to us are by members of our own family. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you greatly. P.S. My daughter and I are intercessory prayers