A better life

by Maquisha ()

I’m praying that God guide and protect and annoying my life future and family and his hands strengthen my mind help me be the woman and daughter, sister and mother he created me to be. Take away all the fears and anxiety from my body I pray that the Lord would restore what has been taken from me. I
pray that children and family members would be able to know the Lord. please shower us with love and mercy and teach us how to love one another. Touch our hearts and annoying my family with the blood Jesus. I pray that my future be in his hands made my heart and my mind be controlled by the lord. I need you now mentally physically and financially to take over my life. Bless me with your strength and wisdom to help and learn your teaching. Help my family they are weak and fighting a battle with there self and each other. Destroy the Devil take away his tricks and attacks remove anything and anyone that’s hindering and hurting my family myself and my future. Let your light shine on us. Help me to see things your way. Stop me for failure and falling on my face. Touch my mind heal my soul anoint my body Make Me Over help me to be more like you take away the pain and suffering that I see and feel each day. Let your armor protect me and guide me through anything. Remove us from the suffering in the pain of priority and bless us with a better future newer homes a place to call our own without being controlled and losing what has been given to us. I pray for my kids to know and love the Lord and to stepping up and help each other and live according to God’s way God’s will. I pray for our lives to get better and for a better future stronger future to succeed and be successful in the hands with strength the Lord gives us. I pray the Lord financially bless me and family to see and achieve an accomplished all that is in our life. Remove anything and anyone that’s tormenting my family remove the devil and his demons out our lives may the Lord strong arms wrap around us may he guide our steps. May the blood of him be proud on us and flow through our veins. Please Lord help this family we’ve been through so so so much from death loneliness from homeless from fighting one another from losing your way abuse neglect and being tore down restore all of you in us and may your love over flow through us. I pray that you place me where I need to be and bless the ones in my life with hope showers them with blessing. Help us to find a know our purpose. Never leave leave us Lord. Destroyer the game hate to hurt the attacks the enemy have on my family. May May the ones that are broken can you put back together play the ones that are lost be found May the ones that are hungry be fed May the ones that are blind be able to see play the ones that are week be blessed with strength May the ones that are sad and lost be happy be blessed and be happy and be able to see. Help us to be inspired and being devoted and loyal to you. May you blessed me to receive the feel you with me Lord. Poor down your Miracle and blessing on me may it overflow and never stop may the cup run over. Deliver my family from drugs and alcohol teaching show my family and my children how to love and respect one another remove any pain or suffering or curse or torment someone has wish upon me and my family remove it from us and our future I pray for world peace and for us to believe in the Lord and live his way live righteous that’s his words of Truth be in us let us live according to God’s will and grace. Lord I pray for your helping hands is on us. Thank you 😊

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