Justice for being scammed

by Ken ()

Dear Heavenly Father,
You have always blessed me! You are my good good Father, my Abba Father! I had more than most but I ignored your promptings not to invest when I didn’t feel right, but I went ahead anyway. Now I am ashamed! All my money is gone and I can’t get it back! I am afraid to tell anybody, especially my family! I feel like a fool! I know you gave me great intellect but I fell prey to the allure of getting all your money back but, it was an elaborate scam to get all my money! Now I am a broken and disheartened man. Now in great need and in insurmountable debt. I have only to turn to you. Oh dear Lord, hear my cries of sorrow and desperation. Help me Lord Jesus, please help me? Oh Lord, bring justice here where there is none right now. Do not let those who have deceived me out of the provisions you entrusted to me, not get away with what they’ve done! Let them feel your heavy hand on them. If those provisions are somehow miraculously returned to me, I promise to be a better steward of them. I will NOT run ahead of you again dear Lord. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness of my sins and doing things my way. Again, I am so sorry I didn’t heed your warnings when you were prompting me. I pray these things in your merciful name Lord Jesus, Amen.

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