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Our Father who is in Heaven, the almighty God and deliverer of all evil, please help me Lord and savior Yahweh. I am suffering a great battle that even in the midst of me searching for your light darkness surrounds me and tries to consume me at every inhale of life. Father I come to you today to ask for your guidance in my situations. I am desperately reaching for your light and sheild of protection against these dark forces that grab at me and try to pull me down and keep me held in bondage away from the reach of your light. I have gone so far down that it seems even in my growth I’m still bound by my sins to gain what I need to survive in this world. I am currently unemployed due to mental health and lack of motivation and drive to get things done. I have been stuck here for far to long and it is only clouding my judgement and depressing me. Please show me what I need to do to pull away from this and away from this way of life I am living in order to receive financial aid. I put myself in unhealthy situations that not only harm my mind but also keep me from seeking your forgiveness and renewal. I am struggling to make ends meet and I know that it is Satan keeping me down. Please God help me be loosed from these chains and find the path I need to walk down to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to you, my children, my family, and myself. I need your hand your almighty gracious merciful and powerful hand to hold on to today and everyday here after. Help me find work that suits my abilities, talents, and gifts from you I need to find work that will keep my head above water and my mind clear of all that is murky. Open my eyes that I may see the truth of things no matter how hard the insight is to bare. Provide me with the strength and endurance it will take to go forth and do what I need to do to get things done. Please God give me the drive, motivation, will and ENERGY to do the tasks at hand and to do what I need to do to provide for my family in a healthy prosperous way. I need you God Almighty because I am weak and lost and barely holding on. Breath life back into my spirit Lord and provide me with all that I need to serve you and bring light back into my life so that I may stand tall like a a lighthouse shining bright with your light for my children and my family and all others you bring my way to follow the light of your guidance and bring us all back to a save haven where peace and restoration reside. Please help us Lord. Help us find work and financial aid that is of your will and your path and your guidance and provide us with your light and strength to do your will and walk your path and reside under your light during these dark dark times. Please God Almighty Yahweh our savior search my heart and know my sorrows and take the burden from me because it is to heavy for me to carry now. Search my heart and know my needs and take the wheel of my spirit and fed me the knowledge and strength I need to get back up and carry on with my life responsibilities and all other things that come my way. In Christ’s name Yahweh I pray Amen.

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