Pray for my crush to quit being suicidal

by Gábor ()

Please pray for my crush mental health, she’s very suicidal, she’s about to do something about this, she feel herself hopeless, and useless to being alive. I can’t even help her, we where was talking lately after 9 months of skipping talking. I asked her apology for my mistakes I made in the past, she rejected my apology, she hates me real hard. But however I was expecting her to remove and block me online, she let me talk to her, saying I can chat with her online “being friends again is far” I wasn’t expecting I can have a small chance even like this, meaning she may be open but won’t forgive me that easily which I understand. I wish I could help her. She opened a small gate for me to be her friend again but I wanna be her caring partner in love. Protect her and keep her mental calm and pleased, pray for that she won’t commit suicidal of self-harm things with her, help her win fight with ptsd and mental health issues. Please help her and me, especially her! She’s about to enter into a very dangerious place on earth, into a war zone where she hopes to be killed… Pray for God that he changes her direction into my forgiveness so I can help her in life and guard her from bad things, and fully respect her in life, give her what she was looking for so long and she gived up on it. Help her.. For the good things..

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