Pray for my family

by Corina ()

I was saved a long time ago but since I have been on again and off again which I believe left me open to the sin of addiction. My two daughters have since been saved as little girls only to be on again off again due to living with their father who is also a born again Christian that struggled with alcoholism but he pushed them and made them go to church where he went and went drunk and embarrassed them so then he no longer went but made them go. I got married to another and unknowingly became addicted to pain pills which became heroin. I have gotten free from him and thanks to the methadone program got free from my addiction and for years was clean only later to take on raising two of my five grandchildren and add in leaving my apartment and job due severe crippling arthritis I then got hooked on meth my aunt and her son got me liking it and don’t get me wrong I don’t blame them but I never liked it until they came along and kept offering it to me until one day the dragon uncoiled and I liked it. Now I am trying to raise two grandchildren one 13 was always in trouble once my daughter got him back from his abusive neglectful father. I did my best but he in now 13 and in a treatment for behavioral and addiction he is more behavioral and a three year old girl who is hyperactive and always pretending to where you start to wonder who she became. I am trying to stay connected in our church thank God I have a born again mom who is wonderful but doesn’t know I am using meth or does she? I need surgery on 5 different body parts my right shoulder and two knees the most important I feel. Can you please pray for us all. I wanna be able to just stop what I am doing and move on and I know God will help me to put it down but I get afraid. I moved into my daughter’s shack of s home but it’s rent free since her husband n her own it so I am greatful for that but they are away the husband father of the three year old in prison for two more years and her in a treatment facility will be home this spring. Thank you so much and God bless you all. You are awesome!

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