Prayers for Divine Favor

by Tanisha ()

Hello All,

I am in desperate need of intercessory prayer as I am scheduled to appear in court for an arraingment on 06/22/2022, they are offering me a “mandatory” jailtime of 15 days. I have 4 children that have no one to care for them, I also have a decent paying job that I may lose if I am gone for that amount of time. Also, if I am not able to make money for the time that I am in jail it will cause me not to have the money to pay my rent, car note, or utilites. I have had the Lord work miracles out for me in the past and I am certain that he can do it again. Please help me reach heaven as it will only take the miracle of the Lord to keep me from having to serve time in jail that will cause me to lose everything that I have. I do not need that as my kids and I are just getting back on our feet after being homeless for 3 years, we were homeless from 2017 until 2020. So we have been in our own place for almost two years and I am concerned about that happening again if I am required to go to jail. Please help me Lord!! I was suffering from depression when I got the DUI and I also was not driving when this occurred I was sitting in my car waiting on the police to come because the guy that I was engaged to assaulted me and to keep him from going to jail he told them that I was drinking and that is when they tested me and took me to jail when I didn’t pass, which is illegal. I am so desperate for prayers of the righteous and the Lord’s help. Thank you all!!

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