Show, and Grow Me.

by Priscilla ()

Lord thank you for your guidance and shaking, thank you for never letting me Fall prey to the tricks of the enemy. And Ty for Your Support and love, encouragement and love. I really know when you’re leading and GUIDING my heart mind body and spirit. What I am lacking is the discernment and timing. I know your allowing me to choose, but on occasion your interventions are necessary. Give me the ability to know and trust you but also courage and Perseverance to follow you. May I get equally yoked with the people that I am needing to follow your heart and think about the things you care for and want near. May you shine through me with your full powerful love and Grace. Be my concious my voice and put my feet firmly in your places. Don’t give up on me and replace Me, let me be upfront and just as you have made me. Develop a tougher, mightier Gentle spirit in me,And may I start expressing outwardly who and who’s I truly I am .. bring them to me, and equally yoked with you in all our days to come. Change or remove those who are not going through it with Me, but let them walk away willingly because they see you in Me. May my life be a testimony and change the hearts of all you are speaking to through me. Bind me to my spouse, and children united as one whole family in and with the right Godly wife and husband. Those relationships that have been separated by our mistakes and for following you, repair and restore them as you see fit. May I get a chance to create, and raise up those New Lives you have promised me. In any form, may I be exactly who I should be and carry it out to term and prosperity. Whole and blessed by your covenant and your family grow in and out of me and my family members, because and for your purpose. Your daughter is saying she is ready for you to do what you choose and trust you have already begun and soon the timing is going to be perfect if we don’t board let it be done still with you and your blessing. Letting us catch up after we’ve already done it like your expecting. Removed the hinderences and prioritize the details money place people decision and justice in the same way as you. In Jesus name Amen

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