Government Corruption

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Pray for the United States and that God remove many from the government. 1) Unemployment of U.S. citizens is 6.9% equating to MILLIONS of people yet the Biden Administration is allowing illegal immigration housing, feeding, clothing, providing and paying for lawyers, and healthcare to name a few of paid for items to these illegal immigrants 2) Illegal immigrants are going to be granted the right to work over and above a legal citizen 3) The DOJ is no longer a legal system but a MAFIA extracting monies from those they decide to target with agents LYING to magistrates to obtain a subponea performing illegal acts and then turning them into legal acts IE illegal searches of databases and then targeting you. I PRAY: UNITED STATES CITIZEN WORK AS LITTLE AND EARN AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN TO SURVIVE AS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES HAVE PENSIONS THEY PAY NO TAXES ON, THEY HAVE EXCESSIVE PAID DAYS OFF VIA SICK, FAMILY LEAVE, VACATION, AND ALL THOSE FEDERAL HOLIDAYS AND TARGET YOU TO TAX YOU OR SEND THE MAFIA TO TAKE FROM YOU TO FEED THEMSELVES. HONESTLY, I WORKED HARD AND THOUGHT BE A BUSINESS PERSON AND I DID EARN GOOD MONEY, AND I WORKED FOR IT, BUT THE STATE OR THE FEDS JUST KEEP COMING AND COMING AND COMING TO STEAL MONEY VIA FEES, FINES, ETC THROUGH EXTRAPOLATIONS THAT ARE WILDLY CRAZY. THE JUDGES IN THE COURTS ARE THEIR EMPLOYEES SO DO YOU REALLY THINK THERE IS FAIRNESS. THE UNITED STATES IS NO LONGER THE UNITED STATES BUT INFILTRATED BY CRIMINALS, BULLIES, ETC. WHEN YOU GRANT SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY THAT IS WHAT YOU ATTRACT: CRIMINALS WHO WILL NEVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. BULLIES WHO LEGALLY CAN BULLY. DOJ TURNING INTO A MAFIA MASQUERADING AS AN ANGLE OF LIGHT. JUST WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET A DOCTOR As we all quit because they target us for prescribing pain medications, yes MEDICATIONs, because they won’t use those guns on their hips to get the heroine or fentanyl dealer who will shoot back! God help America, and people, please work only enough to eat and provide needs, pay as little in taxes with your goal of getting the earned income credit…………..God Help America

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