we need to get back

by a fated one ()

i am a guy from bangladesh. i loved a girl named shefa. she was from muslim community, We loved each other a lot. but there were lot of politician involed to make us separated. they gave money to some of my own community people, even the gave money to our pastor. So my own community started to gaslighting and mentally torture me, in the mean time the forced her to merry someone else. we still love each other a lot. but there is so much walls around us that we cant be togather again. i was a musician in chruch choir, but after my own community betray me, i feel like a lost my both love. I cant even pray. i am becoming mentally ill day by day. i feel like dying.
i truly need her to be back in my life so that we can solve our problems togather. Please pray for me, Now i dont have anybody else to stand by me, i lost my father when i was in 6 grade so there is truly no one beside me. I truly need god to be in my side, now he is my only refugee against the odds and my shelter in everything. Please. Now i cant even talk to her because of those walls. God knows both of our hearts. so i need prayers. I need to get back both of my love togather as i cant feel my heart now.

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