Troubled marriage

by Saara (Namibia)

Please pray with me for my husband to have the desire to talk to me about problems in our marriage and that we forgive each other and reconcile again.

My husband has been running away from me for the last 4 years that we haven’t been together for Christmas or New Year. If I go to visit him in his country he chases me away. Right now I am on my way to hear what he has to say but I don’t know how is he going to react because I haven’t seen him for a year and two months.

On the 2nd December he told me that he was on his way coming to spend Christmas with then but he never turned up. I tried to call him but he answered my calls.
I have left everything in God’s hand but want to know from him why is he treating me that way for 4 years now.
Please pray with me that God will save my marriage in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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