Strayed lover/broken relationship

by T. ()

I come to you as humble as I know how. I’ve lit a prayer candle to you in home so you know the specifics of my needs. I pray that you rid the enemies that are hindering the reconciliation of the relationship between myself and him and reverse this negative situation around. Its been two years too long after almost a 7 year relationship. I know deep down we are meant to be together forever and start a family. Unfortunately he has strayed and is overcome with negative things, habits and people. You know them exactly. I pray that he rids of those things and people immediately and forever. I pray that you give him strength to let go of his pride and acknowledge that he still loves me, is still in love with me and comes to terms that we are meant to be and we can fix this with time and help. He is the only one for me and I am the only one for him. Please do not allow any relationships with any females and him to manifest mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and any other way shape or form. I pray that he stops being so negative towards me especially ignoring me reaching out to him. I pray he knows how much he misses me and us and admits it. I pray he knows how much I love and am in love with him. I pray he knows the words and letters I’ve tried to get through to him are ginuwine and sincere. I pray that he can forgive my flaws and his as I can do the same. I pray that he only has eyes and feelings for me as he once did before. I pray that he will contact me before this weekend is over as I have not heard from him in over a week even after reaching out to him. I pray that he is resentful and remorseful of his actions towards me. I pray that he knows I forgive him and want to get past this together as I fear him thinking otherwise is why he won’t contact me. I pray that you will give me the strength to not give up faith and hope on this situation as sometimes negative thoughts and emotions cross my mind when I feel its over forever. I pray it isn’t over forever. I pray that none of my negative thoughts and feelings manifest themselves. I pray that he does not love or is not in love with another female. I pray that nothing is serious when it comes to the other females. I pray that my prayers are answered before the candle burning in my home is finished. Please Saint Expedite! I also pray for any other family and friends in need of your help especially both of my brothers (you know which ones I speak of) and the relationship issues they are facing. I pray for a sign that my prayers are going to be answered. Once my prayers are granted I will forever be in debt to you. I will forever be grateful and praise your name and power. I pray that whose ever prayers you have and will continue to answer will also be as or more grateful. I pray that you get through to him and listen to my heart. I thank you so much in advance Jesus. I also pray that any and everyone who prays for my prayer as I also pray that the prayers of any and everyone else are answered quickly. Amen!