Sacred Heart of Jesus, Let him contact me soon as possible!

by T.B. (Los Angeles)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I’ve not heard from him in 3 months. PLEASE see to it that M. Contacts me this Oct. 2011. Let him tell me how he feels about me. Let him share his love with me. Most importantly, let him contact me so we can have that TALK we MUST have for our relationship to continue growing stronger and more in YOUR favor Jesus. Please hear my prayer. I light a Sacred Heart Candle as well so this prayer can be and stay strong and happen IMMEDIATELY! Dear Jesus, I KNOW you will NOT disappoint me and that M.R. WILL contact me and we’ll communicate IMMEDIATELY. Let all be well between me and him. Father, let him step up to me and contact me NOW!

In your name Jesus, I claim this favor from You. I also thank you for ALL the other times you’ve come to my aid. I LOVE YOU Jesus and thank you for everything I’ve received and for things I’ve yet to receive from you that are good!

Amen and Amen!

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