Rest his heart and bring him home from prison

by Erin ()

Dear Creater of All, the Ultimate One…
I come to you today pleading with you to release Tim from the walls that bind him both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I beg you Lord to open those prison gates and allow him to be granted immediate parole Lord. He’s incarcerated before trial and is dealing with injustice. His mental health, our relationship, and family, are all suffering. Tim hasn’t even had his day in court yet his life has been taken from him. His children are without their father, our household is falling and can’t uphold the financials much longer. I am without my partner and soon to be husband… He has changed and seems to be loosing himself and so hateful towards me which in turn is tearing us apart. None of this is okay Father… We need you! He needs you!
Please send angels down to him to protect him physically and emotionally
Allow him to keep his heart open and tender and to feel love again, both from me and for me. Soften his ego and show him the light of your love as well as mine Lord. Be with him consistently and protect him and guide him until those gates open to release him and even after.
Please father, I beg of you to put it on the hearts of the Parole Board to see how he has changed his ways, has grown to be a family man, and has a bright future laid out so that they will grant his immediate parole. Lord, be with them as they review his file and see how successful he was previously and how he had became a productive member of society, a productive man for me, and a productive father too.
Lord, protect his mind and his heart along this journey and help him to find peace in you and open his heart back up to me and help to show him the correct ways of a husband so that we can join together as one, just as your word says too, and and so we can grow together as one who can never be divided or defeated as we build and bond through empathetic love of one another as we merge our very selves into one force of love and commitment which in turn can set a strong foundation and future for all of our family and children.
Father I believe that you have the power to make it all true. I know you’ve heard my prayers before and been with me often, and so God, I beg of you to be with me now, be with Tim now, be with us now, and to hear my prayer and grant this all in the name of you, our family, and the greater good.
Blessed it Be and So It Is
I’m Jesus name I pray,

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