Remove all the black magic

by H (NY)

Dear Jesus, you have said: Truly I say to you if you ask anything of the Father in my name He will give it to you. Heavenly Father I ask in the name of Jesus for all the black magic on me and my family to be removed and the witches controlling my husband for what they did to be removed from him, and my marriage restored and me and my children healed and restored and for everyone who is working with evil to be blocked from our lives permanently. For all the evil people to get out of my husbands life and for him to turn to Jesus and be saved and for him to stay away from witches and not call them and do evil anymore. For me and my family to be healed and restored back to 100% and for love to come back into my home and family and marriage. For my husband to stop having affairs and love and honor me and his children with me.