Praying for my ex-girlfriend to come back to me.

by Eugene (Lewisville, TX, USA)

Dear heavenly father i come to you in the name of Jesus, i ask for you to please restore me and my ex-girlfriend of three years, lord my god we both belong to you and you know we both desire to do your will for the rest of our lives, my lord jesus you know we both talked about marriage, and wanted to be together forever, but another man came into our relationship causing her heart to be hardened towards me,

i ask in the name of jesus for you to open up doors communication again, and move the mountains that stand between us, god i pray that my ex-girlfriend will be at peace with me again and please god tell her to call and/or text me with a changed heart and open arms for me. I love her dearly so I ask the you bring her back to me in the name of Jesus.