Prayers Please

by Melissa (Austin,Tx)

After being in a bad marriage of 7 years I got divorced from a man who cheated on me and lied to me and stole from me and was an alcoholic. Now almost 2 years later I have met a wonderful man. He came into my life unexpectedly. It has been 5 months and we have a very good relationship. He is very good to me and I am starting to fall in love. He has never been married and says he never thinks he will. I am not looking for marriage but I know he has committment issues and I want him to realize that with me he has found the one. I pray that he leaves the path of needing to talk about all his exes and when he goes someplace with his buddies that he stop flirting with women. I know he cares a great deal about me he shows it and tells me. I just know he is afraid to settle down with me. He has not cheated it’s the fact that he flirts with so many women when I am not around that hurts me. I am completely faithful and he knows this. I truly pray that the need to flirt with these women leaves his mind and he realize he is finally done with all that and know that I am the woman he needs forever in his life. I love this man and we are so good for eachother. I don’t want to get hurt and I have already given him my heart. Please I pray. I am leaving this in God’s hands

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