Prayers for social workers and those in service of others and a prayer for guidance with career,

Father God,

I’m your humble servant but i’m exhausted,weary and I feel burn out and confused.I’m scared father I don’t know how else to help the families I work with I see so much so sorrow, pain and hardship. And I cannot take it anymore. I try to do what I can but lately it feels i’m powerless and the leaders who are supposed to take lead at work seem absent when needed most.

I’m so small and I just feel like the work I do though helpful goes unnoticed.

Give me the courage to know that you fortify me with strength and your will has a purpose for me. Please help me to realize that everything I do for you today is because you put me there. Father God please protect me from my enemies keep me safe from those that would speak unkindly of me.Please help my families and all social workers who trying to help those that society turns a blind eye towards.

Father God please provide me with a divine intervention to help me at the right opportunity. It was said “ask and it will be given to and the door shall be opened.”

Father Please help my families find PEACE in you..
Father Please help me find PEACE in you.
Father restore joy in my soul.
Father restore laughter in my being.
Father send the holy spirit to help me remember the promises you made to your children. You are the rock and yours is the glory and you will always stand the test of time forever and ever. You are the alpha and the omega.
Father God bless my relationships with my family, boyfriend, and co-workers.
Father declare your healing over this quivering heart and bind up the wounds in heart.
Father let me sleep and have good dreams of wonder and exploration.
Father grant me clarity and the ability to make sound decisions.
Father forgive me of anger towards others when they themselves are simply hurting.
Father heal the ill and those who suffer either mentally or physically.
Father heal the emotional wounds within my family and help them to become united rather then fragmented.
Father please let my brother be maintaining his sobriety.
Father watch over my mother and keep safe and free from financial worry.
Father I pray for the widows and those who have lost loved ones.
Father I pray for all my children.
Father God please shine a light for me.
I pray for the family this suffering because they are afraid of losing their home.

Guide me father God.
I’m here always faithful and ever loving.
I love you and I pray this prayer for the highest good and the good of all involved.

Your child