prayers for myself and all in need

Lord hear my prayers, I come to you with my open heart and in my time of struggles as you already know. I ask of you to open the doors that I need to be opened for my children and I. You know my heart, you know my mind, you know my happiness, and you know my life. Please hear my prayers lord in this difficult time.

I praise you and thank you for all the blessings I have already had. Lord I know you I always get through these times with you by myside and I ask of you to walk with me tomarro. Lord I also ask you to bless those in more dire need than myself. .. I’m doing ok and I’m blessed everyday that I wake up.

Thank you Lord for every single day of life. … elluminate the Hearts of those who have lost faith… bless the ones in need and heal the sick for you are our heavenly father filled with grace. I pray not only for myself but for all in need of prayer. Lord hear our prayers. Amen

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